Woodland Primary School

September 1, 2022

Important Dates!

9/2 School Improvement Day 10:40 dismissal. Only AM EC/WELE attends, no PM EC/WELE

9/5 No staff or student attendance

9/9 Red, White & Blue Day!

9/19 Monolingual K Curriculum Night

9/20 Dual Language K and EC/WELE Curriculum Night

9/23 Green Apple Day of Service

9/30 School Improvement Day 10:40 Dismissal. Only PM EC/WELE attends, no AM EC/WELE

Link to full calendar (English)

Link to full calendar (Spanish)

Seesaw Family Winner!

We are so excited that so many of our families have signed up to use Seesaw in kindergarten! We would like to see 100% participation. This will be a great way for teachers to communicate and share projects, pictures, and more with families. During our Welcome Times, families were invited to sign up and then were entered into a raffle. The Stojanovic family from Mrs. Bensch's room were the big winners of our awesome learning basket. Thank you to everyone that participated!

Assessments in Kindergarten

As we settle into our classrooms and get acclimated with our school routines, a big part of kindergarten is finding out what students know and can do. This baseline data helps us set goals for your child to grow and develop. Collecting data through assessments guides our instruction and helps us prepare materials for small group instruction.

Our kindergarten students will participate in the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) assessment in September. A letter with more information can be found in the link below.

Fall MAP Parent Letter

As always, if you have questions regarding this process, please reach out to me or your child's teacher so that we can provide more clarity if needed.

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KIDS Assessment

KIDS Assessment for All Kindergarten Students

The Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS) is an observational tool designed to help teachers, administrators, families, and policymakers better understand the developmental readiness of children entering kindergarten.​

A student’s journey in going to college and establishing a career starts at birth and continues through key milestones, including preschool, kindergarten, and beyond. Kindergarten readiness is a key area of focus in the development of high-quality education. School districts in Illinois will be reporting on 14 readiness measures of the Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS) for each kindergartner from the first day of school through the end of October.

KIDS is not a test. It’s a tool teachers use to observe students, take notes, take photos, and collect work samples. Teachers learn the most about their students by watching them when they are doing school work, playing together or alone, and following their daily routines in the classroom.

KIDS will help the teachers:

  • Learn what each student is good at, what they like, and how they learn best.

  • Develop individual and class learning goals.

  • Use the information to improve teaching.

At Woodland Primary, we love getting to know each of our students, and cannot wait to learn more about your child. One of our goals is to help your child build a love of learning. To be able to do that, we need to understand what your child knows and can do at the beginning of the year so we can support him or her in all areas of development—including literacy, math, social, and emotional development. You can learn more by visiting the KIDS Families Toolkit.

Your child’s teacher will share with you the observations and growth she documents at your parent-teacher conference in November. If you have any questions, you can contact your child’s teacher.

School Improvement Day

Our first School Improvement Day is on Friday, September 2nd. We will have these monthly and on these days, our students will always be dismissed at 10:40. All Primary students will be dismissed at 10:40, this includes our EC/WELE students, their dismissal will be at 10:40, not 10:20.

AM and PM EC/WELE students will rotate which session will attend throughout the year. On September 2nd, our AM students will attend. There will be no school for our PM students on this day. On our next SIP day, September 30th, our PM students will attend and they will attend in the morning session. AM students will not attend school on that day.

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Did You Receive This Newsletter By Text?

Woodland is now offering text alerts in addition to email. The link to this newsletter was the first text we sent. If you did not receive it, please log-in to Skyward Family Access and sign-up today. The instructions to sign-up were sent on Wednesday, but in case you missed it:

  • Please log-in to Skyward Family Access and enter Text Message Information in the “Skylert” tab. (Find the Skylert tab in the left column).
  • Do NOT uncheck your email address. Email will still be our primary tool for communicating with families.
  • Enter your phone number and check the boxes for “School Hours Emergency”, “Non-School Hours Emergency”, and “General - Primary Phone and Email”

We want to make sure you have access to the information you need, and we realize you may not have time to check your personal email throughout the day. We hope that receiving a text message will signal to you that new information is available. Text alerts will also be important for emergency communication. We plan to utilize text alerts to send urgent information should the need arise. We will continue to use email and robocalls as well. Learn more English / Spanish.

PTA Events

Upcoming PTA Events:

9/1-9/20: Curriculum Nights (K-6), Stop by the PTA tables for memberships and spirit wear, Volunteers needed

9/6-9/9: Intermediate Book Fair, Volunteers needed, watch for signup information

9/13-9/15: Elementary Book Fair, Volunteers needed, watch for signup information

9/19-9/20: Primary Book Fair, Volunteers needed, watch for signup information

9/20: Lou Malnati's Fundraiser, 4-9 pm

9/23: ROAR Run, Fun Family Event, Register for a 1-mile walk or 5K, click HERE for more details on the event, Volunteer

9/28-10/12: Signature Chocolate Fundraiser, stay tuned!

9/29: PTA Meeting via Zoom, 7 pm

PTA Meetings for the 2022-2023 School Year!

PTA Meetings:

Thurs 9/29 at 7:00 pm via Zoom

Thurs 10/20 at 9:30am at ESC

Thurs 11/17 at 7:00 pm via Zoom

Thurs 12/15 at 9:30am at ESC

Thurs 1/19 at 7:00 pm via Zoom

Thurs 2/16 at 9:30am at ESC

Thurs 3/16 at 7:00 pm via Zoom

Thurs 4/20 at 9:30am at ESC

Thurs 5/25 at 9:30 am at ESC

SHIELD Testing Information and Opt Out Directions

Woodland School District 50 is once again partnering with the University of Illinois this school year to test School District 50 students, teachers, and staff members on a voluntary basis for COVID-19 infection through use of the SHIELD Test, the saliva PCR test developed at the University of Illinois. The SHIELD Test is FDA-authorized; during the 2021-22 school year, Woodland safely and effectively administered more than 90,000 tests and identified more than 2,000 COVID-positive, asymptomatic individuals through our weekly, voluntary testing program at each school. This notice provides information about the program to allow an informed consent for your child to participate in the testing program. By not opting-out of the testing program as described below, consent for your child to be tested for COVID-19 infection with the SHIELD test is presumed.

How often will your child be tested?

Our Testing Partner, Passport Health, collects saliva samples from students and staff voluntarily participating one time per week at each school. We have also developed an internal courier service that allows samples to be picked up from the Health Office at each school every day of the week except Friday. These samples are sent to the lab along with the samples from whichever District school that is testing that day.

What is the test?

Your child will receive a free diagnostic test for the COVID-19 virus conducted by collecting saliva (spit). The SHIELD test is non-invasive and simple to administer. Students simply drool into a single-use vial provided by SHIELD. The test is analyzed in a laboratory and we are sent results within 12-24 hours. The entire testing process takes less than two minutes to administer. The SHIELD test has a Sensitivity Rate of 97% and a Specificity Rate of 99%; these numbers mean that it is very unlikely that the test will yield a false negative or a false positive result. The SHIELD test is reliable in identifying the COVID virus even in currently asymptomatic individuals.

How will I know if my child tests positive?

Woodland School District 50 will receive results of your child’s test and will notify you separately of any positive result through the School Health Office. The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) will also receive your child’s test results, consistent with IDPH guidance and the Illinois Control of Communicable Disease Code. We are working with SHIELD to provide parents/guardians with the ability to access their student’s test results directly, and hope to be able to offer this capability as soon as possible.

What should I do when I receive my child’s test results?

If your child’s test results are positive, please contact your child’s doctor immediately to review the test results and discuss next steps. Pursuant to current guidance by the Centers for Disease Control, the Illinois Department of Public Health, and the Lake County Health Department, individuals who test positive must isolate for five days after the positive result.

If your child’s test results are negative, this means that the COVID-19 virus was not detected in your child’s saliva (spit).

How do I find more Information?

The District has developed a SHIELD testing resource page housed on the D50 website. You may also watch this tutorial video which illustrates how to correctly self-administer the SHIELD sample. You may also contact Dr. Machak directly at (847) 596-5601 with questions.

Do I need to take any other action?

No other action is required if you consent for your child to be tested for COVID-19 infection pursuant to the above terms. If you DO NOT consent for your child to be tested for COVID-19 please follow the directions below to OPT OUT of SHIELD testing.

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Parking Lot Safety

We have many families dropping off each morning and picking up in the afternoon. Expect that there may be traffic on Gages Lake Road and please remember the following safety protocols:

  • Only buses are allowed in the bus lane in front of the schools. Cars aren't allowed in the bus lane at any time.
  • Only buses are allowed behind the school. Cars shouldn't drive behind our school as students are playing on the playground throughout the day.
  • No cell phones when driving on school grounds.
  • Everyone must park in a parking spot, please don't park along the grass or side of the parking lot.
  • Only cars with a disabled parking placard clearly displayed or on their license plate may use the handicapped parking spaces. Please be respectful of this so that these are available for anyone that has the placard issued to them.
  • Slow down and be aware that many young children are in the parking lot.
  • Walk your child across the bus lane, our staff will assist you during arrival and dismissal.
  • Parents and students shouldn't walk between buses, only use the marked crosswalks.

Thank you for helping us stay safe!

Welcome Primary Students!

Attendance Matters! Make sure you do your best to set your child up for success!

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