Big Horn Basin Creation Center

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Native Americans of Buffalo Bill's day longed to return to their "paradise". This Rugged Big Horn Basin is inspirational to those that live here and a natural wonder to visitors.

Experience the raw beauty of Northwest Wyoming's Big Horn Basin. From Thermopolis to Montana, Metetesse to Clark, Yellowstone to the prairie, much of the Basin is like it was when Nomadic Indians lived here. Even after a century of modern development much of Wyoming is unchanged and may be viewed geologically, naturally, or through a camera's lens.

Thoughtful Information, Nature Tours, Panning for Gold, Day and Afternoon Trips. Christian Devotional and Bible Reading.

Custom Tours - You design the agenda!

Most tours include transportation, guide, featured area of interest, box lunch and interpretive packet.

Located just East of one of the world's largest dormant super-volcanos.

Yellowstone Tours depart daily at 6:00 am and return 6:00 pm. Lunch is included. Sorry, No refunds within 24 hour cancellation.