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Week of June 1st, 2015

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SNEAK PEEK AT HƯỚNG TÂM LÊN 54 - CORPUS CHRISTI - coming to you on Sunday, June 7, 2015!

Our VEYM Eucharistic Adoration Day is coming this weekend, Saturday, June 6, 2015. Take a picture of your Region/Chapter/League of Chapter's Adoration Day and send to by Saturday 10:00PM EST to be featured in this upcoming issue. Please also share with us your Chapter name and Region!
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EUCHARISTIC ADORATION DAY is finally coming. On this day, the National Executive Committee invites all Chapters across the U.S.A to host a Holy Eucharistic Adoration hour so that all VEYM members can unite in prayer and adore and honor the presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

Throughout the Adoration hours, Fr. Dominic Nguyễn Trọng Hiếu, our Assistant General Chaplain of Administrative Affairs, encouraged us to unite with Jesus in the Eucharist to

  • tiếp tục nuôi dưỡng các em trong tâm tình cầu nguyện,
  • liên kết với Chúa và với nhau trong nguyện ước rước lễ,
  • cùng hiệp lực và chân tình dâng lên Chúa những việc hy sinh,
  • và luôn đồng hành dấn thân với nhau trong sứ mạng tông đồ.

The following are two versions of the adoration template booklet guideline to assist the planning for the Holy Hour: Adoration Program in English and Adoration Program in Vietnamese

Last but not least, don't forget to take a few pictures of this day and share with us via and/or tag Pt Tntt VN HK on Facebook.

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Donate Now for our "Brick" Fundrasing

Or you can lend a hand by promoting and advertising the galas that are coming to all regions, asking for sponsors and/or volunteering at these fundraising events. You can also share any cool ideas with us, please contact Tr. Biên, our fundraising head via!

Visit for details or click Donate Now to go directly to our donation page! Please continue to disseminate the "One Brick for VEYM" Campaign to your family and friends! Thank you so much!


Thank you to all who voted already! Please complete the above form or the link below to select the model of your choice. Also, you can voice your opinion on whether you dislike the design of the base or want to add a feature from the other model, etc. All suggestions are welcomed.

The National Executive Committee is asking the President of all 8 regions to promote the monstrance design selection link to all members of each region.

Monstrance Design Selection! Vote Now!!


Đại Hội Huynh Trưởng Miền Nam XXIII

Friday, July 3rd, 4pm to Sunday, July 5th, 12pm

1515 Hughes Rd

Dickinson, TX

With the theme "Forgive Us Our Debt", the Southern Region Youth-Leader Conference will be held at the CRC Christian Retreat Center during July 4th weekend. This is a great opportunity for bonding, meeting new friends as we celebrate our freedom on Independence Day 2015. Click on link for Announcement Letter for DHHT MN XXIII


This weekend, Fr. Francis Trần Anh Vũ and Fr. FX Nguyễn Thanh Bình will celebrate Corpus Christi mass, our Feast Day at two locations. Cha Vũ will be at the Northeastern Region training camp in Goshen, MA while Cha Bình will also celebrate Đoàn Anrê Dũng Lạc's 15th Anniversary in Kansas City, KS. Please come and join us as we celebrate our Feast Day, Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ!


Đoàn Thánh Linh's 30th Anniversary

Congratulation to Đoàn Thánh Linh, Freshno, SJ - Miền Tây on their 30th birthday. Thank you Jesus for protecting all Huynh Trưởng and members throughout 30 years of blessing. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide them on their journey to sainthood.

Below is the report by correspondent Vũ Nhân of SBTN chanel ...

30 Năm Đoàn Thánh Linh Fresno 1985 - 2015

Sa Mạc Damas 16

"Về Damas, về Damas ... Quyết tiến về Damas, quyết tiến về Damas!"

Please join us in wishing participants from the Northeastern region great success as they begin their Damas 16, Youth-Leader Level I training camp this weekend in Goshen, MA. All the best and good luck!


Jun 9th

Sa Mạc Sinai XXIII – HLV Sơ Cấp – Washington DC: Thư Thông BáoFlyer

Jun 19th

Đại Hội Miền Tây – San Jose, CA & Đại Hội Liên Đoàn San Diego – San Diego, CA

Jun 26th

Đại Hội Nguồn Sống – Prado Regional Park, CA & Đại Hội Liên Đoàn Ra Khơi

Jul 10th

Đại Hội Huynh Trưởng Miền Trung Đông – Piney Point, MD

Jul 16th

Sa Mạc Xuất Hành 52 & 53 – HLHT Cấp I & II Hiệp Sĩ – King City, CA – Miền Tây

July 17th

Jul 22nd

Sa Mạc Tiberia VII – HLHT Cấp III Lãnh Đạo – Escondido, CA: Announcement and Flyer!

Jul 31st

Sa Mạc Xuất Hành 26 – HLHT Cấp 1 – Prado Regional Park, CA

Aug 13th

Sa Mạc Dấn Thân 16 & Tin Yêu 13 – HLHT Cấp 1 & Cấp 2 Ngành Ấu – Stockton, IL

Aug 21st

Giêrusalem 6 – Đại Hội Huynh Trưởng Miền Tây Nam – Big Bear, CA

Aug 27th

Sa Mạc Ánh Lửa 21 & Samaritano 57 – HLHT Cấp 1 & Trợ Tá – Triangle, VA

Sep 4th

Sa Mạc Lửa Hồng 21 & Bêlem 4 – HLHT Cấp 1 & Cấp 2 Ngành Ấu – Shelton, WA

and Sa Mạc Vươn Lên 33 – HLHT Cấp 2 Ngành Hiệp Sĩ – Kerens, TX

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