Week 8, S1: EMS Family Newsletter

The What-to-Knows at Estacada Middle School for Families

Week 8 at EMS: October 25-Oct 29

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Parent-Teacher Virtual Conferences

Monday, Nov. 22nd, 12pm to Tuesday, Nov. 23rd, 4pm

This is an online event.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are virtual for the 21-22 school year. We are looking forward to informing you about how well your student is learning at EMS as well as building open and honest communication.

EMS will be utilizing zoom links to host 10-minute conferences. To sign up for a 10-minute time slot, you will use PTCfast.

Sign-ups will begin on Sunday, November 14, one week prior to the onset of conferences. Please see the image below to learn about what to expect.

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(Appropriate) Costume, Dress-Up Day

Dressing up - appropriately at school - for Halloween is a fun opportunity. To ensure safety and a continuous focus on learning (instead of costumes), these are the rules for dress-up:

--Costumes cannot include capes (including large flags tied around the shoulders)

--Costumes must allow the student to continue wearing a fitted face covering around the nose and mouth

--Costumes cannot include full-covering face masks; we must be able to see the students' eyes, head, hair, ears

--Make-up cannot include fake blood

--Weapon look-alikes (swords, guns, knifes, lightsabers, etc) or other objects aren't allowed

If at any time the costume becomes a distraction to learning to the student or to others, the teacher and the administrator will ask the student to change and disciplinary action may be taken.

There is no school dance on Friday, October 29th.

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Schoolwide Reading Supplemental

View this video to see how your student will be practicing reading when at school. Your student can read from home, too! And, we encourage it.

Taking Action For Your Students' Learning in Reading and Math

Why? Reading: 26% of our students are reading at or above grade-level and 74% of our students are reading below grade-level. Math: 13% of our students are answering grade-level prompts correctly whereas 87% of our students are unable to answer grade-level prompts correctly.

What? Beginning last Tuesday, October 19 all students began a course which either provides enrichment or intervention for Math or Reading. Your student will be grouped with peers (in the same grade level) who have similar strengths so we can intentionally target Reading and Math learning. We will be using Imagine Reading as well as Corrective Reading to teach lagging reading techniques as well as iReady to develop Math skills.

How? For four days a week, your student will practice reading (at their level) or Math foundational skills In January/February your student will be measured again with the iReady Diagnostic. We will either see growth or regression based on the work we have done throughout the year to determine whether or not these interventions are functioning as we intend. Your student can also practice reading from home. View this video to see what your student will be engaging in.

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Positive Covid-19 Test During the Weekend? Let us know!

Call the weekend COIVD-19 case hotline on the weekend. It is self-automated; select the right school (per the prompt) and leave a message. The voicemail you leave will be directed to our Vice-Principal, Mr. Kelley so we can begin to identify potential close contacts.

The number you need to call to notify us about your student's positive case is: 971-220-6594. Thank you for partnering with use to keep our students in the classroom with as little interruption as possible.

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Estacada Middle School

Our mission is to equip each student with the skills necessary to be resourceful and successful.
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Go Tigers!


Thank you for providing our school with Parent Satisfaction feedback. We can celebrate growth in our parents' satisfaction of our school.

The top-rated indicator: "My family is respected at this school."

The bottom two indicators: a) "I regularly receive feedback about how well my child is learning" and b) "I receive positive communication from the school about my child."

Although the bottom two indicators are the lowest-scoring, our schoolwide systems to inform families and provide positive communication have demonstrated growth in both indicators. We are looking forward to strengthening our practices to serve you (and satisfy your needs) more throughout the academic year.