Supreme Sparta

Catherine Nassar and Sophia Musto

The Start of Supreme Sparta

Sparta’s government, education, and classes were main parts of society. Oligarchy, war, helots, and the men benefited the city-state. The Spartan Oligarchy controls the city-state as a group of men and two kings which help it be successful. Their government mainly focused on war and men and women participated. Their education started at the age of 7 and learned how to fight up until the age of 18. The different classes of society included the helots who were treated like slaves at the lowest class. The men had rights and women had less, but both could go to war.

Sparta's Successful Picture Gallery

Spartan Social Classes

Spartan Pros and Cons of Government


The End of Supreme Sparta

Overall, the education, social structure, and government all benefited in Sparta’s society. The government which was an Oligarchy consisted of a group of people and two kings that talked about important decisions and worked together to create laws that improves Sparta. The education in Sparta was extremely powerful towards war. Education helped prepare to fight and make Sparta a better city- state. Even though at the lowest class, the helots, Sparta succeed with the men and women. Lastly, all of this contributes to the idea of Sparta being one of the best known city- states of Ancient Greece.