Song s'more

English project

Eric Clapton -I shot the sheriff

:The song is trying to convey that the police are getting out of hand and citizens are having to protect themselves.

:The audience is everyday citizens saying that anyone can be accused.

:The mood is mostly passive or non-aggressive, but the the tone seems to be a sympathetic one. Freedom came my way one day

And I started out of town.
All of a sudden I see sheriff john brown
Aiming to shoot me down.
So I shot, I shot him down.

:I find that he wrote this song as kind of a tribute to bob Marley's version.

:I choose this song because it seemed to fit the time period well.

Chicago- 25 or 6 to 4

  • The message of the song seems to be that even if you have the upper hand you may not win.
  • Anyone who listens to Chicago's music,it isn't nessicarilly specific.
  • Wants something but has given up on getting it
  • A preview of what drugs and music can do together
  • I like this song and it is from the same time period

CCR- looking out my back door

  • Some sort of parade is going by his home.
  • Children and young adults, because this group wasn't into psychedelic drugs I say they are just trying to create a image for kids.
  • Pumped, jazzed up, enjoyment.
  • Doo, doo, doo, Looking out my back door. There's a giant doing cartwheels,
    A statue wearing high heels.
    Look at all the happy creatures dancing on the lawn.
    A dinosaur Victrola listening to Buck Owens.
  • For john fogerty's son josh who they thought would love to here them singing doot doot doo looking out my back door.
  • This song is awesome

Don McLean- American pie

  • Inspired by death of Buddy Holly."The day the music died"
  • American citizens that listened to older music, that is most of what the song points out.
  • Slightly depressed, sad.I met a girl who sang the Blues, and I asked her for some happy news.She just smiled and turned away
    I went down to the sacred store where I'd heard the music years before, but...
    The man there said the music wouldn't play
    And, in the streets the children screamed, the lover's cried, and the poets dreamed, but...
    Not a word was spoken - the church bells all were broken
    And, the three men I admire most: the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, they...
    Caught the last train for the coast the day the music died.
  • To show that music is always there it is us don't forget it.
  • I grew up listening to this song I have always loved it.