September Vocabulary Words

Vocabulary words with their defitions


To fall from one level to the next; (verb)

Example: I cascaded down to the pool from my diving pool.

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An unimportant disagreement (noun) or (verb)

Example: Jason and Emma are always quibbling about who can get the toy first .

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using clever humor (adjective)

Example: Jackson is the wittiest kid in the classroom,because he always tells funny jokes that make everyone laugh.

Glare 1

1) a strong bright light that hurts the eyes; (noun)

Example: The glare of the stadium lights hurt my eyes, and made me impossible to concentrate on the game.

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Glare 2

An angry look (noun)

Example: I glared at My sister when she told mom that I didn't cleaned my room before watching TV.


clever in a dishonest way (adjective)

Example: Isabelle was caught being crafty,she cheated on the test by looking at the girls test.

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A small amount that remains after something has been removed. (noun)

Example: The sticky residue of the price tag makes the portrait look messy.

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Round or full in shape (adjective)

Example:The pigs were so rotund that not even their owner could pick them up!

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To remain in an area when you do not have a reason to be there (verb)

Example: There were lot's of kids on detention,because they were loitering outside of the school when they were supposed to be in Gym class.

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To make a loud,mocking,and mean comment. (verb)

Example: Everyone jeered at the players because they weren't doing their best and lost the game.


A funny saying;(noun)

To say something funny to cause laughter


Example:Kate told us a very funny jest that made everyone laugh until they were tired.

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