By:Dustin McCoy

The part of texas where they lived

They lived in the Mountain and basin but not in modern day El Paso. They were in Texas around 1500 - 1700. They were not all nomadic.

The type of food they ate

Corn, Beans, Squashes, buffalo, bison and berries when they had nothing else to eat.

How they got there food

They got there food by agriculture and hunting with bows and arrows they also traded but they were always in short supplies of food. They were also ranchers.

The home they lived in

they lived in teepees and pit houses for some.

there weapons

they used bows and spears with flint tips. They had lots of flint because of the mountains and caves.


they would tattoo and men would shave every thin but there head or hair. When warriors came back with food, scalps (from heads), and captives they would make a bonfire and feast. They would also celebrate when rain, crops or protection happened.


Spanish explorers sometimes referred to the Jumanos as "naked" Indians because their breasts and genitalia were not covered.

Leader ship

they had chiefs to fight off Apaches with Spanish settlers.