Allyssa Renee West

March 6, 1995

What does Michelangelo, Saquille O' Neal, Madonna, The Oreo Cookie, and Ally West all have in common?

"A Pisces born on March 6 is a free spirit who refuses to conform. They are not rebellious, since they respect structure, yet they choose to live outside it. They communicate on a variety of levels. They possess a sense of destiny regarding their actions"

The Oreo Cookie!

362 Billion Oreo cookies have been sold since it was introduced on March 6th 1912, making it the #1 selling cookie in America!.........  Fun Facts!  1912- The origional Oreo Cookie1975- The double stuffed Oreo1987- The fudge dipped Oreo 1991- The Halloween Oreo 1995- The Chritmas Oreo.......... No one really knows how the name "Oreo" came about. Some think that it developed from the French word "gold" which is "or" because the first package of oreos was the color gold. Or the Greek word Hill is "oreo" or some think it is the combination of taking the "re" in cream and putting it in between the two "o" in "chocolate".. some think it was just easy to pronounce.