Civil Rights

soundtrack by Hunter Grose

civil rights

Civil rights is not just about the civil rights movement, it is also about anyone that does not have an equal voice in society. such as African American, LGBT, Muslims or any group of people that discriminated against.

"same love" Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert October 2nd 2012

The reason I chose this song is because this was the first song that I had heard about LGBT social issues. It opened my eyes because I didn't realize how much hate the LGBT community has to go through. when you actually sit down and listen to the words in the song the lyrics "America, the brave, still fears what we don't know. and God loves all his children is somehow forgotten. but we paraphrase a book written thirty five hundred years ago. the first time i heard those lyrics it felt liked it kicked me in the stomach. knowing how judge mental people can be.

Sam Cooke - a change is gonna come

this song was used in plenty of civil rights movement marches. as African Americans and activists would come marching in they would sing the words "a change is gonna come" trying to get there point across
A Change Is Gonna Come -- Sam Cooke (Original Version in HD)

Lupe Fiasco-American terroist

the words camouflaged torahs, Bibles and glorious Qur'ans the books that take you to heaven, and let you meet the lord there, have become misinterpreted... reasons for warfare, we read'em with blind eyes I guarantee there's more there. that is why we are currently having conflict with Isis right now.
American Terrorist - Lupe Fiasco


the lines "let the president answer a higher anarchy" strap him with an ak47, let him go fight,his own war. is saying that your fine with sending other peoples family members off to fight for the united states but if we asked you, you would not do the same.
Eminem- Mosh lyrics

yes we can WILL.I.AM FEAT:many artists

this music video came out right after Obama's yes we can speech WILL.I.AM made a music video about it. Even though Obama believes that yes WE can change the nation.and in many ways has changed alot... but people like to go against him and call him Muslim or many other names. he still has powered through and still is our president so we need to treat him as such.
Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video

why do people hate you

people hate Obama for multiple reasons... one reason is people say that he is Muslim and that hes the worst president we've had ... well its probably because he is the first multiracial president of the United States, and people do not like change.
Child Asks Obama:"Why Do People Hate You?"

Dolly Parton 9-5

This song talks about the every day person that works 9-5 trying to make a living off of 7.25. people argue saying cant live off of it so they want the minimum wage rate to go up.
9 to 5 - Dolly Parton with lyrics