Road to Perseverance

By: Serenity McDaniel


Perseverance is a to get through things despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. (EX: racism, illness,) Jimmy Valvano, Maury Wills, Winston Churchill, Nick Vijicic, and Jackie Robinson have showed perseverance by not letting adversities get in their way. This newsletter is purpose to show how these people got through life with critics everywhere they went. To never give up on your dream no matter what comes in your way.

Facing Illness

Jimmy Valvano was a Sports Center anchorman and a basketball coach who had severe metastatic adenocarcinoma cancer. He didn't want people to notice so he never shaved off his hair. At the ESPY awards he was awarded for having courage and humanitarian award. He gave a speech at awards and when he told the crowd they had cancer they couldn't believe it. He said "that the cancer won't take over his mind, soul, and his body.

Hit the Bench

Maury Wills was in the minor leagues for 8 1/2 years. He wasn't good at hitting, his hands were in the wrong position, and his stance was unbalanced. The Milwaukee team needed a African American person on their team. He took the opportunity but he sat on the bench most of the season. On the 2nd to last game of the season he played in the 8th inning because it was tied. He got 1 strike and when the pitcher pitched he hit and he had his first home run of the season. That night they won that game because of his home run. On the last game he went up to bat he got a walk but usually the coach takes him out in the 6th inning. They also won that game and he was drafted to play with the Brooklyn Dodgers.


Winston Churchill had a adversity in the war because he didn't have a lot of weapons and soldiers. Nick Vujicic had an bigger adversity because he didn't have any limbs. On the other hand Nick's adversity was medically and emotionally but Churchill's adversity was more economic. But both people never gave up on there goal. Churchill's goal was to win the war, Nick's goal was to do what ever he wanted to do in life. Both of them reached their goal.


in 1919, Jackie Roosevelt Robison was born in Cairo, Georgia. 1939 he enrolls at UCLA. In 1942 he joined the Army but before the Army he had a tryout for the Chicago White Sox. 1 year later he became 2nd Lieutenant. 1945 he had a meeting with Branch Rickey about the organization of the Dodgers. In 1949 he was named the most valuable player. In 1961 he announced his retirement and got the Baseball Hall of Fame award. In 1971 he died in Connecticut.