Forensic Science Technician

Aivah Roubal- 3rd hour science

Career Overview

Forensic science technicians examine and identify physical evidence from crime scenes.They analyze physical trace evidence found at the crime scene that may connect the suspect to the victim.
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How to succeed in this career

High school classes- Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, Public Speaking, and Technical Writing.

As far as college you would need- A bachelor's degree in chemistry, biology, physics, or forensic technology.

Cost for Education

Marian University- $26,790 per year

4 years of college tuition-$107,160 total

My Parents Estimate for four years

Housing- $32,000

Food/Groceries- $8,000

Gas Money- $12,000

Clothing Money- $10,000

Total Tuition- $107,160

Grand Total-$169,160

Loans,Financial Aid, and Scholarships- Although some people might not need loans, financial aid, or scholarships, most would need it to help pay for most of the costs because Marian University is a private school.

Part time job- A part time job would also be another way to help you pay for the costs and most people would probably want extra money if possible to have in their pocket just in case.

Thoughts about pursuing this career

An 8th grader was interviewed if she would like this career and she believed that this job wasn't a good fit because it is a lot of money to go to a private school. Public schools are much more cheaper and she believed that you could go to any public school and still probably find something that interests you.

Associations/Professional Organizations for this Career

-The American Academy of Forensic Scientists

-The American board of Criminalistics

Pros and Cons found in this job


-Solve Crimes.

-Perform tests on DNA, impressions, and Drugs.

-You don't need any other school after a bachelors degree.


-You are on-call all week

-Only earn about $40,000 a year

-No job openings in Green Bay


Are you addicted to watching crime shows? Do you want a piece of the action solving the crime? This job is for you. Forensic Science Technicians are working in labs and at the crime scene testing DNA to put that bad guy behind bars! You only have to have a bachelors degree and if you are so experienced that you could make it on that crime show you love you could make $73,250! (Quiet deep voice) this job does sound amazing but do know that there is many cons, you are on-call, you start out only making $40,000, and the largest issue is that there are no job openings in Green Bay!!!