Phoenix Outdoor

By: Bethany Buckland & Rachel Durfee

description of facility

This organization provides rehabilitation for teens ages 10-17, who are struggling with substance abuse. This facility provides treatment while outdoors. located in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, ideal for wilderness lovers.

Types of illnesses treated at the facility

substance abuse, behavioral and mental health issues, developmental dissorders

programs offered

A 12 step model and traditional therapeutic interventions are used to help teens realize the extent of their abuse problem and commit to the process of change

Five facts about the treatment center

  1. A short time rehabilitation stay is 30 days at Phoenix outdoor
  2. Wilderness therapy has been found to have the most impact on adolescents ages 10-17
  3. At phoenix Outdoor teens are free of distractions such as TV's, phones and visitors
  4. Collaborating with a peer group and trained instructors to live in a wilderness environment that creates a bond with each adolescent
  5. Trained therapist help teens draw analogies between their wilderness experience and real life to give them a insight and better perspective