the king of sports

the pistons and Yao Ming ,and S,A Spurs

The pistons were once nicknamed the bad boys .The piston had the first NBA player to score 2000 points in a season .

The piston used to play in Indiana. Yao ming was born in shanghai china .At 23 years old yao is already one of the best center.The spursplay in the sbc center. The S.A. spurs have won championships with players from The United States, South America, Eurpe and the Caribbean.

Dallas Mavricks and Miami Heats ,and Phoenix Suns

In 1991 the Dallas Mavericks had two veterans Randy Mccray and Aley English.Mavs fans begin to feel that their decade was going to be the 1996's.Dwyane wade and Shquille o,neal are the bestplayers.Basketball is a sport played by two teams.The first heat player lead the NBA.since 1979 the suns have reached 50 wins.The suns have had two players win the NBA slam dunk contest