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(Finding your Inner Superhero Run of Show)

Hey guys! What’s happenin’ How are you guys doing, my name is Logan Melgosa (Writes name on board) here I’ll even draw you a picture so you don’t forget me. (little body, big head)

How many of you have ever looked into the mirror and were dissatisfied by the way you looked. Let’s be honest (Raise hand with them) and it always happens at the most inconvenient times. That one random zit that pops up like (boop) and your like ooohhh noo uhh, not going to happen! First day of middle school, so you go sit on the couch for like twenty minutes and go look back again and it’s still there. You go back and mess with it and then it get all red. How many of you can relate?

Going through high school into middle can be tough, how many of you have felt that struggle where you can’t talk to your parents, and you feel like your on that roller coaster? How many have you been on a rollercoaster? (hands raise) You jump into that rollercoaster, it’s exciting your with your friends. (Happily chatter) I know I just had a corndog but I don’t care. Then the coaster starts going up the tracks, (do motions, strapped in) ….. (slows down towards top) One you reach the top, it like stops for a second and you think (excuse me is this thing broken?) Once you get off the ride your like woooooo, (crying) and your friends are like let’s go look at the pictures… And what ALWAYS happens in your picture. You always have the worst face in the history of man kind (make crazy face) and your friend ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS looks better than you. There like we should get this on a tshirt, coffee mug, and your like yeahhhh… Here’s what I’ve learned 70-90 percent of people are dissatisfied by the way they look.

The number 1 ingredient to live a superhero life is to have a positive attitude about your self. You guys are all awesome, have this attitude of being a lifter not a loader. Don’t you just hate when you have those kids that come into your class and your like oh my gosh shes here? And there all like WHATT?? What are you looking at? You ask them how there day was and there like OMG my MOM!!!! (funny confused face) How many of you have met that guy (raise hands)

Be a lifter not a loader. Imagine superman, you call him and he shows up in his tights, and he goes “I just don’t know if I can do it. Most of you guys don’t know I used to be a superhero, but I retired because the cape got too small and I got tired of wearing spandex, so I’m here to teach you how to be a superhero.

How many of you guys today want to get better? Honestly. (raise hands) I know some of you are bored, trust me I have sat through my fair share of these. Some of the speakers are boring, but some of them are like woah… is he talking to me. (point to self)

How many of you have felt, and please be honest with me, because I have felt this way before too, you’ve been in a class before and you don’t get what the teachers saying or you kinda do but your afraid to say something. Because one time in your past you answered it and you though it was good. 2+2 = 5! Where did that come from, just one day you were having a bad day. People laughed at you (your stupid…) and then after that you think your dumb… Well have that voice in side our head, like go to bed eat your vegetables, im sure it was talking to you this moring. You were all there like little burittos (bundled in bed, warm action) and then it starting talking “get up, its time for a wonderful day” (grumbles) I’m excited to expand my knowledge today (grumbles) until another voice starts talking and says “ GET UP your going to bed late for the bus” and when that voice starts talking you know its go time.

So what I’ve learned is this. The second ingredient is this… have a body of a mindset not a diet. Love your body, love who you are. I love my head, my big o’l head. The third ingredient is, whatch who you hangout with. Your culture, what your doing, make the right choices. Have the I CAN/ I WILL attitude.

Now I’m going to show you the superhero handshake. I need a volunteer. Heres how it gonna go.

See your friend in the hall, hey man! What’s up. (Lock Hand), Hulk Smash, raise it up do a little superman action, and then BAM! Silver Surfer, I want you to try this with a partner. That’s awesome!

Let’s move on too our fourth ingredient Dream, hang out with people that have a dream, make a dream for yourself. Turn to the person sitting next to you. If I gave you a check for a million dollars right now how would you spend it. Give your self a round of applause, how many of you heard a really good dream?