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Dr. Hyllberg's End of the School Year Newsletter

Dear Lines Parents and Students,

As my 8th year as Lines' principal comes to a close, I want to sincerely thank you for another outstanding school year. Our students' academic growth the last two years has been exceptional; I look forward to telling you how great our kids have been doing in more detail when we return to school in August. I am so incredibly proud of our students, staff and parents!

Thank you for all your support this year as our Lines PTO partnered with our teachers to start raising funds to transform our classrooms! Through our Flexible Seating initiative, we are well on our way of being able to provide flexible seating furniture in our 4th and 5th grade rooms very soon! Our plan (and hope!) is to continue to raise funds over the next year or two until all of Lines' learning spaces are equipped with flexible seating! Thank you for your generosity! Our students are lucky to have such a supportive learning community in their corner!

Have a great summer! We look forward to seeing our Kindergarteners through 4th graders "back and better than ever" in August! To our outgoing 5th graders, we will miss you...keep working hard and make us proud!

Lastly, Ms. Heath, ENJOY YOUR RETIREMENT! Thank you for dedicating 38 years of your life to the Lines community! You are already missed.

May the Force Be With You and Have a Hilarious Summer!

Dr. Hyllberg

Summer Construction at Lines

As you know, Lines will be having a lot of referendum work done this summer as the Build 220 initiative continues to progress throughout D220!

Lines will have extensive security work done in our main entrance/office area, our third floor is being completely redone, and we are getting new A/C Units on our roof. When the third floor is completed, our new STEM room will be located where our art room currently is, and our art room will be where our conference room is located (next to Mrs. Katchen's classroom.)

Lines' construction will start on June 2 and is slated to be completed by August 15; I will be sending you construction updates throughout the summer. Due to construction, Lines will not be open at all during the summer, so if you have any questions or need any help between 6/2-8/15, please email me at

Staffing Updates for the 23-24 School Year

Lines will have some new staff joining us in August! Please join me in welcoming the following new Lines staff members for the 23-24 school year:

  • Ivan Alfaro - 4th Grade Dual Language (coming from Roslyn)
  • Tory Gates - Instructional Academic Classroom (coming from Rose)
  • Angie Kapotas - 5th Grade (coming from Sunny Hill)
  • Nicole Kozeneski - Psychologist (coming from Rose)
  • Katie McKeown - 4th Grade Dual Language (coming from Roslyn)
  • Kaitlin Popovich - Music Teacher (coming from Hough)

Lines' 2023-2024 Grade Level Teams

Lines' grade level teams will look differently next year, so I thought I'd share these changes with you now so no one is surprised in August.

Kindergarten - Mrs. Brens, Mrs. Dragosz, Mrs. Mayland

1st Grade - Mrs. Snell, Mrs. Mays, Mrs. Unger

2nd Grade - Mrs. Dalbec, Mrs. Blue, Mrs. Giunchedi

3rd Grade - Mrs. Wiese, Mrs. Borgersen, Mr. Miller, Ms. Ortiz (DL), Ms. Galvan (DL)

4th Grade - Mrs. Burton, Mrs. Marienau, Ms. Snell, Mr. Alfaro (DL), Ms. McKeown (DL)

5th Grade - Mrs. Stott, Ms. Hanna, Mrs. Kapotas (pronounced CAP-OH-TOSS)

Assistant Principal

I'm pleased to announce that all D220 elementary schools will be getting an Assistant Principal TOSA, effective August 2023. On May 16 I hope to be able to introduce Lines' new assistant principal to you. (TOSA = Teacher On Special Assignment)

We Will Miss You!

The following staff members will not be at Lines next year...we wish them all the best! We will miss you!

  • Marisela Guzman - 2nd grade dual language (going to Grove)
  • Michelle Hamlin - 2nd grade dual language (going to Grove)
  • Laura Heath - 5th grade (retired)
  • Kristin Leidy - Psychologist (going to Rose)
  • Hope Miner - Music (TBD)


As mentioned above, Lines had another great year of student growth! As I shared at our Back to School Night when this year started, Lines' Vision Cycle Statement for the 22-23 school year encompassed "engaging students in literacy with a focus on responding to text, while maintaining stamina and using a growth mindset to take risks." This connects to our district’s Learner Profile components of:

  • Communicating Effectively
  • Creating

  • Thinking Critically & Solving Problems

  • Exhibiting Initiative & Self Drive

One targeted approach we used this year for our Vision Cycle was to continue to deepen our knowledge in the instructional practice of shared inquiry in literacy. With this idea in mind, Lines has consulted with Junior Great Books for the last two years, fine tuning our expertise in the Shared Inquiry Method of Learning. This encourages students to ask questions while thinking critically about a common text, leading students to respond in a high-level manner. Also, students have been taught to support their thoughts/opinions using text evidence! The children are doing an OUTSTANDING job! You would be SO PROUD of your children's discussions!

Knowing that instilling a "love of reading" is more than just test scores, this year the Lines staff shared inspiring ideas to encourage students to have a positive attitude towards reading. One of the more recent ways was with our Family Literacy Night and Ms. Heath’s Soaring to New Heights Family Reading Challenge! We are already looking forward to all the amazing things our students will be able to do next year!

A Look Ahead

May 5 - Lines PTO's Linesapalooza! (5:00-8:00 pm)

May 8-12 - Staff Appreciation Week

May 9 - 5th grade at Covenant Harbor Camp

May 12 - ALL Lines' library books due!

May 19 - Parent Night Out/Bingo Edition (5:30-8:00 pm)

May 24 - 5th Grade Recognition (10:00 am)

May 25 - 5th Grade Track Meet at BHS (9:15-12:00 pm)

May 26 - Field Day

May 29 - Memorial Day (No school)

May 30 - Field Day rain date

June 1 - Last Day of School!

June 2-August 17 - READ READ READ! Stay tuned for more information that will come out soon regarding Lines' Summer Reading Incentives!

July 1 - Last day to order School Supply Kits

August 18 - Meet the Teacher (2:00-2:40)

August 21 - Grades 1-5 start school

August 23 - Kindergarten starts school

August 28 - Lines' Back to School Night for K-2 (6:00-7:30 pm)

August 29 - Lines' Back to School Night for 3-5 (6:00-7:30 pm)