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Sock Puppets

Sock Puppets Tutorial

Explain Everything

Have students demonstrate their understanding of topics

@ Explain Everything app

Explain Everything animation ipad teacher tutorial
Tellagami App teacher tutorial

Screen Chomp

Similar to Explain Everything - @ Screen Chomp

How to use Screen chomp app on ipad


@ Educreations

Similar to Explain Everything

Educreations Quickstart


iMovie to teach narrative


Create presentations - @ Popplet

Popplet App tutorial


Similar to Sock Puppets - @ Toontastic

Toontastic App Demo

Use iBooks for note taking

iPads in Schools - How to use ibooks for note taking and highlighting


Superimpose objects onto backgrounds - @ Sumperimpose

Texturize using Superimpose for iPad


@ iMovie

iMovie for iPad - FULL app tutorial


Similar to Explain Everything - Shows students face in the corner of the screen, as they record. - @ Knowmia

Pic Collage

Pic Collage for IPad and IPhone Tutorial
How to use Ipad PHOTO COLLAGE app