Frequently Asked Questions

HHS School Counselors

What is a GPA?

Your Grade Point Average is the average of ALL your semester grades during high school; it is recalculated each time a semester ends and you get new final grades. Your GPA reflects your academic performance and determines where you rank in your class.

*The student with the highest GPA is #1 in that class; all others follow.

*Both GPA and rank are important factors in college admissions and many scholarship decisions.

How are classes weighted, and what exactly does that mean?

Because of the added academic challenge they present, both Advanced Placement and junior/senior level Honors courses are "weighted", meaning they carry more value than a regular class in calculating a student's GPA.

How do I earn credits?

Each semester class you pass earns you .5 credit. You need a certain number of credits in specific courses to graduate from high school. See the academic planning guide for additional information.

Do I have to take a foreign language to graduate from high school?

HHS graduation requirements do not include a foreign language at this time, and languages are considered electives. However, many colleges and universities do require 2 years of the same language as an admission requirement. Check with the college or university of your choice for their language requirements.

How do I get help if I want to know more about career planning?

Talk with your school counselor and take online career and interest inventories. Check out (username=highland password=high). Arrange to shadow people whose jobs you find interesting.

Why should I study?

The more you know, the more you can do. Good study habits can help you succeed in school and in the future. Many skills that make you a success in school can also help you succeed on the job and in many areas of life. Studying is not the same as homework. Studying is re-reading, re-thinking, and reorganizing, all in order to learn the material.

What should I do at the first sign of trouble with classes, schoolwork, homework or tests?

  • Make an appointment to talk with your teacher.
  • Ask your teacher for clarification.
  • Be in class, on time, every day.
  • Cut back on work hours if you have an out-of-school job.
  • Get the name and number of someone in your class.
  • Turn in EVERY homework assignment!
  • Ask your counselor for suggestions on study skills.
  • Find out what resources are available at school and in your community, such as tutoring and homework help.
  • Teach your lesson to someone else.

Do I need a physical for high school?

Yes! Every incoming freshman needs a new grade 9 physical. This must be on the State of Illinois form (same as Kindergarten and 6th grade). The exam date must be within 1 year of the start of Freshman year at HHS. For example: A physical on April 1, 2015 is acceptable.

Student athletes may want to wait until June 1 so they are eligible for all sports for freshman year. Athletes need additional physicals annually.

Physical forms should be turned in to the HHS office before any sport practice begins or the first day of school. The office is open throughout June and August.

What immunizations are required to attend HHS?

All students must have:

  • Tdap
  • a second dose of Chicken Pox (Varicella)

Highland HS Counselors

Sherry Thomas- Last names A-G

Mary Jackson- Last names H-Pl

Staci Brown- Last names Po-Z