Much Ado About Nothing

By Alexia Dellemann


Plot: Make Hero fall in love with Claudio

In the begging Claudio is entranced by the beauty of Hero and wants her. Him, Benedick, and Don Pedro come up with a plan to get Claudio his girl. The plan works to Claudio's pleasure. This is a very important part in the play, because its what starts out the events that take place later on and helps the play be more interesting.
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Plot: Overheard conversations

During one of the acts Beatrice and Benedick get played by their friends. Benedick goes for a walk and over hears his friends talk abut how Beatrice is in love with him, but wont tell him. They talk about how she's scared that hell find out and they talk about how he'd never love her back. Later after that, Beatrice over hears here cousins talking about how Benedick is in love with her but is too embarrassed to admit it. She believes them and is extremely shocked that the bachelor would ever want someone like her. They both end up showing feelings for each other all because of these over heard conversations,
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Plot : Wedding scene

During the wedding scene in Much Ado About Nothing Claudio is getting married to Hero, but things change by the end of the scene. This scene is the one scene that makes everyone want to know more and what is happening, This event shows the true reality of some of the characters. People aren't always as they seem and sometimes they have different motives. The wedding scene creates the pathway to a happy ending even when it doesn't seem like it at that point in the story. After this scene the story falls into place pretty fast. It causes a rollercoaster of events.
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Theme: Love

The song I chose the song Forever and Always by Hollywood Ending. The song has the theme love just like the play Much Ado About Nothing. The song starts out with "I remember when we were young two kids could fall in love", when I hear this part in the song I think of how Claudio and Hero are young and very much in love with each other. Later in the song you hear "It could be the world against us two and you know that ill be there with you", This reminds me of the part where Claudio thinks that Hero cheated on him and he freaks out. Later on he ends up marrying her and they forgive each other. Through thick and thin the end up together, and happy. Towards the end of the song it says, "Forever and always", Its says that they will always be together. In the play when Hero and Claudio get married they vow to be with each other forever and always no matter what. Now, most of all, in the song it says "I just wanna grow old with you" is repeated a few times. When you hear this it reminds me of when Hero and Claudio get married or even when Beatrice and Benedick get married. This song over all matches the theme of love in many ways.
Forever & Always - Hollywood Ending (Lyric Video)