The Enigma Machine

Can you crack the code?

What was it?

The enigma machine was a piece of hardware created by the Germans and used by the British as a way of deciphering German communications during World War Two.


The Bombe was an electromechanical device used by the british cyrptologists to help crack the enigma code during WW2. The bombe machine was used to to discover some of the daily of the enigma machine on the various German military networks.

Code Breaking

During World War II, the Germans believed that there secret codes for radio messages were indecipherable to the Allies. However, they were not expecting the meticulous work of code breakers based at Britain’s Bletchley Park would crack there code.

Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire was Britain's main decryption establishment during World War Two. It was created by Churchill himself to crack codes from axis countries, it is most famous for the decipher of the Enigma Machine. They hired the best scientists from all over the country, and tested them they used a simple crossword to see if they could complete it in a quick time.


Colossus was the world's first digital computer that was programmable. It was used to help decipher the Lorenz code. It was mainly used to crack radio teleprint messages sent from the Allies.