Assembly Line/Model T

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This is a very clean, vintage and working Assembly line/Model T. It was made in 1926 right when the Model T's really began to come together. There were very many improvements made to this car that will give you a smooth long ride. Henry Ford himself built this car to be large enough for a family and small enough for an individual. It was built with the best materials and constructed by the best workers. And with a price tag available for the average salary working man, this car is not a waste of money.
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For sale now for $850

Specifications of the Model T

This piece of machinery was made by Henry Ford's Ford Motor Company. This was preferred to be the first affordable vehicle of it's time, the car for the "Middle-Class American". At its 22 horsepower and four-cylinder engine, the car can range at a top speed of 35-40 mph. The brakes on the Model T were really made to disengage the gears. When taking off, the driver would release the hand brake and open the throttle slowly (there being no foot-accelerator). Then at the same time, the driver would depress the left pedal

shifting the car into a low gear. Then when at a speed of about 10 mph, the driver would release that pedal letting the transmission shift itself into a high gear. Drivers say that there certainly an art to driving a Model T.

This car is guaranteed to last you a good amount of time along with smooth running

Model T Transmission Lesson


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