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Fall Happenings

Summer Collaboration with BPS101

This summer CANDO representatives from the board and liaisons met with BPS administrators and teachers, comprising the K-2 Workgroup and the Vision Workgroup to continue to develop both a curriculum for K-2 high-ability learners across the district and to develop a Gifted Services Vision statement and goals. The outcome of the collaboration for the K-2 group is the introduction of the PETS program this fall for all high-ability K-2 students at each elementary school. See below for more information about PETS and how you can get involved! The outcome of the collaboration for the Vision Workgroup is the newly identified BPS101 Gifted Services Vision and Goals, which will be the foundation for gifted and high-ability services, in order to meet the needs of this population of students within the district. The next steps for this workgroup are to revise the Gifted Services Handbook and to communicate the vision and goals with all administrators and teachers, parents and students, board and community. Stay connected with CANDO for future updates!

T.E.N (Twice Exceptional Network) Chats

Wednesday, Oct. 28th, 9:15am

Gelato Pastry Cafe, 1555 Butterfield Road, Aurora, IL

T.E.N. is a networking group within CANDO for the parents of twice-exceptional learners.

Who are twice-exceptional learners? The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) defines twice-exceptional learners are students who have evidence of the potential for high achievement capability in areas such as specific academics; general intellectual ability; creativity; leadership; and/or visual, spatial, or performing arts AND also have evidence of one or more disabilities as defined by federal or state eligibility criteria such as specific learning disabilities; speech and language disorders; emotional/behavioral disorders; physical disabilities; autism spectrum; or other health impairments, such as ADHD.

If you have or think you may have a twice-exceptional learner, please join us for a drop in T.E.N. chat. We will be discussing goals for CANDO T.E.N. for this year as we work with the district on twice-exceptional issues.

Primary Education Thinking Skills- PETS

Each elementary school will be implementing the PETS program this fall, coordinated by the Gifted Coaches. The school district is asking for parent support and volunteers. The first parent training seminar will be offered this fall. Look for training information coming soon to your email inbox!

For more information about the PETS program, click on the link below.

Executive Functions: Understanding Critical Connections Between Executive Function and the Academic Environment

Thursday, Nov. 5th, 7-8:30pm

Batavia Public Library, 10 South Batavia Avenue, Batavia, IL

Executive function is like the CEO of the brain. It’s in charge of making sure things get done from the planning stages of the job to the final deadline. When kids have issues with executive functioning, any task that requires planning, organization, memory, time management and flexible thinking becomes a challenge. The more you know about the challenges, the better you’ll be able to help your child build her executive skills and manage the difficulties. -from

Dr. Shannon Erklin, PhD from Northwestern Medicine will discuss what executive functioning is, issues that often appear in kids with learning and attention disorders, how these issues impact learning and everyday living and how to develop executive functions at home and at school.

This seminar is FREE and sponsored by CANDO.

Please RSVP by November 2, 2015 at the Batavia CANDO website:

To view the flyer, click on this link:

Lunch and Learn at the Elementary Schools

Lunch and Learn was conceived by the district Gifted Coaches and launched at the most of the elementary schools during the 2014-2015 school year, with the assitance of CANDO school liaisons. Lunch and Learn is an opportunity for all students to learn during their lunch (and recess time) about various topics, led by parent volunteers. For example, did you know that each M & M variety consists of certain quanities of colors per bag? The students analysed bags of M & Ms and performed statistical analyses of the M & M variety and quantity of each color per bag! Or did your child (or you) ever really wonder how air planes fly? Air Force parents presented to students the aerodynamics of flying and ended the session with learning how to make paper air planes that fly!

In order for the Lunch and Learn series to continue at each elementary school, each CANDO School Liaison is seeking parent volunteers to support this fun, engaging learning opportunity. If you are interested in presenting a topic to students at the elementary level, contact your school liaison directly. Your school liaison contact information may be found on the CANDO website. Don't have students in elementary school but want to present? Contact Deb Grizzell at, subject Lunch and Learn!

Batavia CANDO

CANDO is a district-wide parent advocacy group in Batavia Public School District 101. CANDO focuses on advocacy, networking and development to support appropriate education for our district's gifted and high-ability student population.

We endorse a district wide learning plan for all students to reach their full learning potential.