Heroes don't always wear capes



This page is dedicated to my grandfather who is my personal hero.

What it means to be a hero.

A hero is someone who accomplishes something great towards another and can make a difference in their life.

My personal hero's life of a hero.

Jack Haduch


Mr. Boeckman

The definition of a hero is “A person who is admired or idealized for courage.” A hero to me is someone who accomplished something great to the benefit for others. It means they gave up their time to help someone else, just out of their own kindness. Just because a superhero might save some people, a hero does not need to do that to be called a hero. Yet, being a hero goes beyond than just being helpful to some people, it can mean to change someone's life and make it so much better. A hero is someone who accomplishes something great towards another and can make a difference in their life.

A hero is when someone decides to do something out of the kindness out of their heart. Picture someone stepping away from their daily routine to make a change in others lives. Think about how impressive that is to make a commitment to something or somebody out of your own heart, time, and life. They could run out of money and lose almost everything by just being a nice person. There would be so many sacrifices they would have to make in order to help another out. That person could lose their job and even important personal items for not having an income, and that is the risk you have when someone really wants to reach out and help someone in need. When you do accomplish something great, you can be satisfied that you just helped somebody in need, when no one else would help. Even though there is such a high risk of losing your perfect life to help others, you definitely did something amazing for this world because there are not that many people who will do what you just did. Someone could now live happier and you can even start a new path towards a better future for those in need. Reaching deep down in your heart to do this kindness will reward you with satisfaction and the difference you just made in someone's life.

A hero is someone who accomplishes great things towards another person’s life. My grandpa will always help someone if they are not doing well. If he sees a homeless person in need, he will do his best to help them off their feet by giving them some money or even clothes. Even before that, he would always buy a magazine they were selling and would even talk to them for a bit to brighten up their day. He hates how people see the homeless differently, so he decides to do the nicest things towards them, that other people would not do. This just shows that he would always accomplish something great towards another person's life. These examples just prove that he is a hero because giving the homeless a part of your time and attention makes another person's life so much better. Many people do not do this, making him more of a hero that stands out from the careless society we live in today. Taking some time from your spoiled day to help another's in need, really means a lot to them.

A hero is someone who does these things and even goes beyond that no one would

really even think to do as an act of kindness. They can break the definition and do

something new and unique. A hero is a hero because of what they sacrifice from their

lives to help others and they stand out in the everyday community of selfish people. My

hero is like the definition because he has been admired and idealized for courage by

risking his perfect life just to help another’s in need. Just remember, that life does not

happen to you, it happens for you, and you have been given the chance of one, so make

it count.