International Society of Ill-mannered Students

When will I.S.I.S stop its games?

Recently, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, a freshman at I.D (Institute for Democracy), has devoted most of his time to going against school rules and regulations as well as threatening able-bodied seniors who, with time, have learned so much from the school. Overtime, Baghdadi has garnered so many freshman followers who decide to go around school tossing apples at the seniors.

It came to the school authority’s understanding that Baghdadi was the nephew of a former student, Osama Bin Laden who had once blinded a senior named: United States, after throwing a ginormous apple at him. He soon got expelled, sad story. However, Baghdadi decided to carry on his uncle’s legacy of bullying older people even though he know how much he could lose. A daring bet I’d call it. Nonetheless, he seemed pretty successful as he caused so much havoc. Not too long ago, he sent a few boys to attack Francois, in fact, the injury inflicted on him led the senior class to convene on the issue of freshmen harassing seniors.

The ironic harassment wasn’t the only issue they convened about, but their constant pick pocketing and making venal deals with other students --- mostly from a higher class. Whenever they were dissatisfied by the outcome of the deal, they’d go on ahead to attack them. The senior class of Institute for Democracy (I.D) seem not to be able to put a stop to their “incompetent” actions because they keep multiplying by the day. Seems to me like Baghdadi and his rapidly expanding group love throwing apples at individuals who could make them regret ever being in Baghdadi’s group. But, why haven’t they made them regret? Is it because they themselves are clueless or because they have a plan but are confused on where to begin from? All of these questions are yet to be answered as Baghdadi continues to torture the seniors.

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