CP English 3 - British Literature

Ms. Farley - Room 106

CP English 3 Intro

Homework / Class Assignment Policy: 15% of Term Average

Homework is assigned on a nightly basis and may consist of written and/or reading

assignments as well as studying. Students will have approximately 30+ minutes of homework each night. Assignments that do not require a written response are as important as those completed in written form. Parents will be notified when missed homework becomes a chronic problem or if the student is not meeting the requirements of the honors level.

  • Students will receive full credit (100%) for each completed homework assignment. Some class assignments may be collected and graded by the teacher.
  • Homework assignments that are incomplete will not receive a grade of more than an 89%.
  • Some incomplete homework assignments may receive partial credit based on the percentage of the assignment completed.
  • If a homework assignment is not reviewed on the day it is checked, students may turn it in on the following day for 50% credit.
  • If an assignment is reviewed, students will earn a 0% for the assignment that is not turned in completed.

Extra Help is Always Available

Extra Help: I am available for extra help daily after school and before school by appointment. Students must let me know in advance if they will be coming for extra help or would like to discuss an alternative time for extra help. Also, throughout the year I will utilize the First Class / Edmodo systems for reviews and to answer questions or provide extra help. All students will be set up with First Class and Edmodo accounts as part of the technology integration process.

Grading Policy

Class / Group Participation: 5%

Hmwk / Class Assignments: 15%

Quizzes: 30%

Tests* / Projects**: 50%

(*at least 3/term)

(** Per dept. protocol, students will lose 10 points

per day, including holidays and weekends, for

any major assignments not turned in on time.)

Attendance and Absences

  • Students are responsible for getting the homework from the class website or another student if they are absent. Students may also email me, but I cannot guarantee I will see the email that day if I have already checked my email.
  • Students must schedule a make up for any missed tests, quizzes, or assignments on the day that they return to school. If the absence is an extended absence, arrangements must be made the day the student returns to schedule all missed work. If class does not meet on the day the student returns, the student must still make the necessary arrangements for the make-up. Failure to do so will result in the student earning a 0% for a missed work or assessments.
  • Students in good academic standing may be allowed to be dismissed from class for extracurricular activities. It is the student’s responsibility to request permission from the teacher at least one day before the early dismissal to make any necessary arrangements. Failure to do so may result in denial of early dismissal.

Class Supplies

Technology In the Classroom

We will be using technology throughout the year including online testing, etc. Student must sign and return an iPad contract and an Edmodo contract. Parents must sign these contracts as well.

No recording devices or applications (video, photo, or audio) are allowed without expressed teacher permission. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in disciplinary action.

Ms. Farley's Contact Information

The best way to contact me is via email for parents and through Edmodo for students.