Jimmy Buffett

By Emily Curran

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  • Born: December 25, 1946
  • Lived in: Mississippi, Alabama
  • Genre: Country, country pop, folk, rock
  • 1969: went to Nashville in search of signing with a record company
  • Key West provided a major impact in his life

Societal Acceptance

  • Accepted by all classes
  • Higher classes can relate more by going to his concerts even though the tickets are expensive
  • The upper class can relate more to his full time beach vacation lifestyle
  • Buffett attracts fans of all ages due to the range of music he plays as well as the laid back party attitude
  • Buffett attracts fans of all races and genders partially due to his diverse band and back up singers


  • Bring the nation together through his loyal following, the "Parrot Heads"
  • Strong, vocal supporter of the Democratic party
  • Made headlines when publicly criticizing George W. Bush for The Gulf oil spill


  • Loses fans based on politically views
  • Many songs reference recreational drug use and is not accepted by many


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