Test Security & Integrity Training

2020 - 21 ACSC ALL STAFF

All Staff Training

All staff at the school and district level are required to complete this Test Security & Integrity Training and sign the 2020-21 Indiana Testing and Integrity Agreement by October 30, 2020. ALL SIGNATURES WILL BE COLLECTED ELECTRONICALLY, via the google form at the end of this training document.

ALL STAFF refers to anyone who is or might be in the building during testing including security officers, volunteers, office staff, custodians, support staff, etc. Cafeteria workers and Bus Drivers are exempt from this training.

Questions or concerns can be addressed to the Corporation Test Coordinator, Karen Heffelmire via email: kheff@acsc.net or office phone: 765.640.2672 or mobile text or call: 765.620.5645.


Complete the following Steps:

  1. Watch the training video provided by IDOE (~17 minutes);
  2. Click the green button to review the slides from the video, if needed.
  3. Click the next green button to review the ACSC Test Security Policy for 2020-2021.
  4. Click the next green button to review the Indiana Test Security & Integrity Agreement for 2020-21. The digital signature will be collected in the next step - no need to print this document or try to sign it in this step!
  5. FINALLY, click on the final green button to open a google form to verify that you have completed all parts of this training. You must complete the form and then SUBMIT it. If you cannot answer YES to all three questions, contact your School Test Coordinator (STC) or Corporation Test Coordinator (CTC).
  6. Additional docs and information can be found in the links at the bottom of this training.

School Test Coordinators 2020-21

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All Staff Test Security Training 2020-2021
I D O E Slides

PowerPoint slides used in the IDOE training video.

Indiana Testing Security & Integrity Agreement

***********************DO NOT PRINT or SIGN THIS DOCUMENT!! ****************************** The signature of this agreement is collected in the google form.


Assurances & Signatures of Training

Google Form: Complete & SUBMIT


Additional Helpful Documents & Links