Guinea pig scientists

this story is about 12 people who risked there lives to unfold the mysteries of science. most fo the the scientists died in there experiments but some live on

what do you do for fun when you were 2 years old? jack Haldane toddled around his father john's studying watching his dad breathe into complex contraptions. And draw blood from his arm. soon jack was a part of his experiments too. he donated his own blood when he was three, at fore he starting breathing bad air in the underground

railroads and mines in 1906. when he was 16 he dived into the ocean in a leaky diving suit.

if a person's heart isn't working as it should how can a doctor get a look inside it to investigate the problem? the heart isn't easily reachable like, say, a hand or a big toe, which is right there in plain sight, and a surgeon certainly wouldn't want to open a heart just to see it, when what's wrong might be a rather minor problem that could be easily treated with medicines.

why do you fall at about the same time at night. why not every six hours or sixty your brain rhythm are guided by the light hitting the retinas of your eyes the earth spin once every 24 hours and 56 minutes and that makes the sun appear in a 24 hour cycle your brain reacts accordingly what would happen if you were on Venus where a day is 243 earth days long?