Death Penalty

Should it be Allowed

Why Death Penalty should be allowed

The crimes of rape, torture, treason, kidnapping, murder, larceny, and perjury pivot on a moral code that escapes apodictic proof by expert testimony or otherwise. This death penalty honors human dignity by treating the defendant as a fee moral actor able to control his own destiny for good or for ill;it deos not treat him an an animal with no moral sense. Some people say that life prison is better than the death penalty........What do you think?
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Pros and Cons

Some Pros of Death penalty are some people commit unimaginable crimes and because of that some of those crimes result in the death penalty. One Pro of death penalty is it takes those criminals out of our concern and get what they diserve. Another Pro of death penalty is when one has gotten the death penalty, the government most likely is doing it to make the world a more peaceful place and not filled with crime. Last is because a criminal deos not feel guilty after doing a crime such as murder, rape, kidnapping, ETC, they dont feel guilty about what they did, they are only glad they did it and thats why these are the pros of death penalty. Other people have a different prespective, They say the Cons of death penalty are they should not allow death penalty because criminals only diserve to serve jail time such as life but do not diserve to have their life taken away from them because of something they did. They also say the criminals do not do the crimes for joy but because they are drivin to do the crime. Another con of the death penalty is the fact that some people do not commit a crime to diserve death penalty but yet the people that do commit crimes big enough to diserve death penalty, but do not get death penalty.