Are You Feeling Burnt Out?

Over weight? Stressed Physically and Financially?


EXPAND your thinking BE INSPIRED Learn how to get the most from your body CREATE YOUR OWN FUTURE Design your own life

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Starting with an Information and Orientation Session.

Sunday April 27th

1:00-2:30 pm

Guest Trainer Ruth Sheridan and Janet Gallucci

Are you tired of feeling tired? Want to make the scale move but its just not working? Don't be wishing you made a change two months from now when its time to hit the beach!

This seminar will also show you how to create an asset that will pay you a six figure plus residual income just like interest on an investment...year after year. Our company has created over 100 millionaires. Has yours?

Success Sunday

Sunday, April 27th, 1-1:30pm

607 Bennett Blvd

Milton, ON