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Are you looking to lose weight, tone up or generally learn to just bring fitness into your busy schedule without a gym membership?

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Whether you want to join a Shakeology challenge, or invest in a challenge pack and have the whole experience the choice is yours. Programs for every fitness level available, I can help you find the best choice for your success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why join a challenge group? A challenge group is a place to meet like minded people who motivate you to success, we share healthy recipes, fitness tips and even throw in a fun challenge on occasion. Instead of a monthly fee for gym membership, you have a one time challenge pack purchase, yours to keep forever.

I am an Independent Beachbody Coach

My goals is to help as many people as I can to take control of the health and fitness. My job is to help you find what works for you and to help you keep motivated and on track throughout your fitness journey. Contact me to make that first step!