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Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals

Since August 1987, MoASSP Messenger has been published by the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals, a non-profit organization affiliated with the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

From the MoASSP Archives

The very first Messenger Volume 1 Number 1 August 1987. In future Messengers, we will recall news and comments from yesteryear.
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MoASSP Vision & Mission

The vision of MoASSP is to serve ALL middle level and high school administrators. The mission of MoASSP is to improve secondary education through positive leadership and the enhancement of student performance.

Inside this Issue

  • Upcoming Workshops & Conferences
  • 2018-2019 MoASSP Board of Directors & District Presidents
  • Meet the MoASSP Office Team
  • MoASSP & NASSP Membership Information
  • Tribute to Retiring Executive Director, Phil Lewis
  • 3 Inspirational Videos
  • "The most inspiring thing ever said."
  • Bob Howe Visits
  • From the Executive Director
  • Clark & Doug's Schedule for July 26-August 3
  • Fall Conference Keynoters Announced
  • Top MoASSP tweet for the week
  • MoASSP Messenger Quiz (1st correct answer to email Katy will receive a FREE fall conference registration.)

Upcoming Workshops and Conferences

2018-2019 MoASSP Board of Directors

  • NASSP Coordinator for Missouri: John Faulkenberry, Lee's Summit HS
  • MoASSP President: Ed Gettemeier, Hardin MS
  • MoASSP President-Elect: Marc Spunaugle, Lincoln HS
  • MoASSP Past President: Chris Hoehne, Ste. Genevieve HS
  • MoASSP Treasurer: Kathryn Greer, Francis Howell North HS
  • At-Large Non-Public: Valerie Todd, St. Mary's HS
  • At-Large Assistant Principal: Jennifer Strauser, Eureka HS
  • At-Large Middle Level: Jonathan Apostol, Monett MS
  • GKCMPA: Jeff Meisenheimer, Lee's Summit North HS
  • Southeast: TBD
  • Southwest: Sarah Odom, Cherokee MS
  • Northwest: Robert Bowers, Lathrop HS
  • South Central: Jim Pritchett, Rolla HS
  • Northeast: Scott Daly, Hallsville HS
  • Central: Brandon Harding, Cole Camp HS
  • NASSP Board Member: Kevin Lowery, Lebanon HS

2018-2019 District Presidents

  1. Central Region: Jonathan Peterson, Smithton HS
  2. GKCMPA: Charlie Belt, Blue Springs South HS
  3. Northeast Region: Deborah Hill-Haag, Mexico MS
  4. Northwest Region: Dave Rapp, Mid-Buchanan HS
  5. SASSP: Gary Jansen, Crestview MS (Rockwood)
  6. South Central Region: Kelle McCallum, Washington HS
  7. Southeast Region: Cathy Freeman, Hillsboro HS
  8. Southwest Region: Keith White, Buffalo HS

Our MoASSP office team working for you. We make your business our business.

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MoASSP Office Team

MoASSP & NASSP Membership Information

Join Today

Are you a member of one of the strongest principal associations in the country? Have you renewed your membership for MoASSP and NASSP for 2018-2019? Both MoASSP and NASSP need you. We encourage you to join NASSP by going through MoASSP membership process.

Tribute to Phil Lewis

Phil Lewis, the fourth Executive Director of MoASSP, retired June 30 after a distinguished career in education serving students, staff, and most recently, taking our secondary principals association to a new level. Phil was successful because he never lost the heart of being a principal. All the best to Phil as he spends more time with family, traveling, and playing a sport that he dearly loves, GOLF. Take a look at the video tribute below as we recognize Phil for his outstanding leadership to MoASSP and NASSP. Thanks, Phil!!!

Quote for the Principal's Journey

"It really is the PRINCIPAL of the thing."

Phil Lewis

How About Some Inspiration & Humor

Help INSPIRE others. Here are three motivational videos for the principal's journey, back to school meetings with staff or even to share with students.

We also need to find levity in what we do. Check out the last video.

What About Bob!

The first full-time MoASSP Executive Director, Bob Howe, made a surprise visit to the MoASSP office this week. MoASSP and NASSP continue to be near and dear to Bob. After retiring as principal from North Kansas City High School, Bob served as Executive Director from 1987-1995. Bob originated the Missouri Scholars 100 Program, one of the most premier recognition events for high school seniors in the country. Bob and his wife Norma, reside in Kansas City and still frequent MoASSP events.

Update From the Executive Director

As I write my first update as the fifth Executive Director of MoASSP, I am honored to be in this position. I will always be indebted to the first four MoASSP Executive Directors; Bob Howe, John Glore, Jim King, and Phil Lewis. Each provided me with guidance and mentoring that has served me well in my 28 years as a school leader. I was fortunate to have either been an assistant principal or principal during each of their terms as Executive Director.

I am grateful for the MoASSP Board of Directors for this opportunity to now serve ALL secondary school administrators in every corner of Missouri. Also, I appreciated Phil as we executed an entry/exit plan together. I am excited to work with Doug, Katy, and Ginny as we continue to educate, motivate and advocate on behalf of school leaders across our great state of Missouri.

I am thankful for Lebanon R3 Schools for giving me my start as a young teacher and coach in 1982 and then later my first administrative position as assistant principal under Dr. Tom Luthy at the Lebanon Junior High in 1989. Tom encouraged me to join MASSP during my first year as a school administrator.

I learned a great deal as a teacher and coach at West Junior High School in Columbia with Muriel Battle as my principal from 1985-1987. I retired June 2017 after twenty years in North Kansas City Schools serving as a middle school principal, assistant superintendent, and then opening Staley High School in 2008 as the principal. I have been fortunate to have worked with the gems in education, who have taught me so much along the way.

My retirement was short-lived as I joined the International Center for Leadership in Education as a consultant this past year. My involvement with Youngstown, Ohio provided me with not only experience working with an inner-city high school, it also opened the door to a broader educational network.

My wife and I are in the process of relocating to Columbia from Kansas City. We are excited about this new chapter for us. As an added bonus, both of our sons are also in Columbia.

On behalf of Doug, Katy, and Ginny, we hope you enjoy and find this issue of the Messenger helpful as you ready yourself for another school year. Our plan is to send the Messenger mid-week.

In Bob Howe’s first Messenger in August 1987, he titled his column, “Ready, Set, Go.” We could also say, “Lights, Camera, Action.”

Each week, Phil Lewis closed his “Update” with, “It really is the PRINCIPAL of the thing.” Along with that, let’s add... “From aspiring to emerging to developing to transformational...wherever you are in the principal’s journey, it really is a “matter of principal(ple).” Clark

Schedule for Clark & Doug for July 27-Aug. 2

  • Friday, July. 27: Attending DESE meeting to debrief New Principals Conference
  • Sunday, July 29-31: Attending the 57th Annual Cooperative Conference for School Administrators
  • Wednesday, Aug. 1: MoASSP Office
  • Thursday, Aug. 2: MoASSP Office
  • Friday, Aug. 3: MoASSP Office is Closed

Mike Smith Headlines MoASSP Fall Conference with Opening Keynote...Sponsored by Jostens

MoASSP Features "Digital Principal of the Year", Dr. Bill Ziegler, As Closing Keynote At Fall Conference

Dr. Bill Ziegler is an award winning School Leader, author, and speaker. He has been recognized as the 2016 Pennsylvania Principal of the Year and the 2015 National Association of Secondary School Principals Digital Principal Award Winner. He is the co-author of Future Focused Leaders - Relate, Innovate, and Invigorate for Real Educational Change. Bill serves as a High School Principal and has 20 years of experience as a School Leader. Bill resides in Pennsylvania with his wife and two high school and college aged children.

Top MoASSP Tweet for the Week

Thanks, John Faulkenberry for helping lead our advocacy efforts across the state of Missouri and nationally. John serves as our MoASSP Coordinator to NASSP and is the principal at Lee's Summit High School.
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The first person to email Katy here in the MoASSP office with the correct answer to this question will receive a free fall conference registration.

What month and year was the very first Messenger published?

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Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals

Since August 1987, MoASSP Messenger has been published by the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals, a non-profit organization affiliated with the National Association of Secondary School Principals.