should women have the right to have an abortion?

Why do women get abortion? Should it even be aloud? I’ve always been thinking these questions.  Personally I think it shouldn’t even be aloud, because you’re killing a child!
When you get pregnant you know what you’re getting yourself into, you know the dangers. So really it’s no excuse. If you don’t want the baby then don’t get pregnant. Or if you don’t have money to support the baby then don’t have the baby these are excuses abortion shouldn’t be allowed. You’re killing a child willingly.
Killing an unborn child that’s what should be going though you’re mind. You have to live with it for the rest of your life it’s not worth it. I know sometimes there’s a tragic accident where something bad happens to you, could still raise the baby to be your own not kill it. And there’s always adoption if you don’t want the baby.
Living with the gilt is really not worth it, it really isn’t. Having to know don’t see the child grow up and live a happy life that’s what you miss out on, their whole life. Think about it just think for a moment it’s your child that’s in harm, yours…...
“While most young females firmly believe in abortion rights, there also controlling mixed feelings.”  This is a quote from an article about why women should have the right to abortion. Honestly they shouldn’t be having mixed feelings if you don’t want the baby then don’t get pregnant its very simple.