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The beginning of robots

The first robots ever made were around 400Bc. The first robot ever made was a steam powered bird made out of wood. Todays robots are way more sophisticated. They can do way more things than the first robots could do. Robots today can do a lot of jobs that humans can't do. One example is that the military uses robots to check out hazardous areas that can contain deadly chemicals in the air.

Robots have developed over the past few decades. Scientist are also working on making a nano robot that will fight off viruses that are deadly.

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Past robot

Above is one of the first robots ever made. Robots have developed from wind up toys and steam powered technology. Although this is a wind up toy, the first robot was powered by steam. This model is a little bit more simple than the first robot ever made.
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Present day robot

Compared to past robots, today's robots are far more sophisticated. They can be used from military warfare to simple everyday tasks. For example, military robots can be used to secure areas and provide cover for troops to escape from hazardous situations. Robots may also be used for delivering mail and around the house chores.
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The future military robot

Pictured above you will see an idea for a futuristic military robot.
New Robots of the Future

Humanoid robots

Here is an example of current robots designed by companies in Japan. These robots will soon be able to act almost exactly like humans and will be seen in places of business and homes around the world.