Bynagle Bulletin

February 10, 2014

Dates to Remember

February 14 - Valentine's Day Class Party 2:30 - 3:00

February 17 - Artist in the Schools

February 25 - KPBSD Budget Meeting 5:30pm at Homer High School Library

February 28 - Post Card Book Report DUE

February 28 - Spirit day -- "Red Carpet Day"

March 7 - Teacher Inservice, No School (End of Quarter 3)

March 10 - 14 -- No School SPRING BREAK

Thank You

Thank You students and parents for coming to Parent Teacher Conferences. It is always good to see and talk with you about how well your student is doing in class.


Even though this past week was short, we still made big gains in our writing. Students have begun to master the art of arguing their opinions and in the coming weeks we will begin to work on refining those skills for a future debate. (sorry if they use their new argument skills against you!!)

Last week we finished our work on Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse. It was a powerful story to read and students worked hard at understanding the many difficult topics. This next week I will be breaking students into two reading groups. We will be reading expository texts on The Human Body by Sally Morgan and Science in Ancient China by George Beshore.

I will have students back in my room for science this week. I am so excited to continue and finish our unit on light and lenses. The next few weeks are sure to be fun and exciting as we further our understanding of light.

Weekly Puzzler

Mrs. Hopkins made four different pies for the fair. Each pie was the same size. At the fair, she cut the blueberry pie into 6 equal slices, the apple pie into 5 equal slices, the peach pie into 3 equal slices, and the chocolate pie into 4 equal slices.

Alyssa, Dalton, Rowan, and Shane each bought one slice of pie but ate only a portion of that slice. Each chose a different kind of pie.

  • Alyssa bought the largest slice available and ate of it.
  • Dalton bought the smallest slice available and ate of it.
  • The slice Rowan bought was bigger than the slice Shane bought. Rowan ate of his slice.
  • Shane ate of his slice.

What kind of pie did each person choose?
What fraction of the total pie did each person eat? Simplify the fractions in the answer.