Sports in the 1920's

Brianna Connelly


The 1920's have been called the Golden Age of Sports. From the very beginning of the decade great athlete-heroes happened in every sport. The sports were baseball, football, tennis, golf, polo, boxing and the Olympic sports. During the decade Jim Crow laws prevented most gifted black athletes from participating in the American Dream of success that was so much a part of the sports culture. Black athletes had appeared in the nineteenth century, particularly as jockeys, but after the turn of the century African Americans, generally speaking, were not allowed to compete with whites.

1920's Sports Legends

Babe Ruth- Baseball

Red Grange- Football

Jack Dempsey- Boxing

Gertrude Ederle- Swimming

Helen Wills- Tennis

Tommy Hitchcock- Polo

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The Radio

People used the radio in the 1920's to listen to the sports broadcasts. On there free time they would always listen to the radio. If any sport was on they were listening.
Sports in 1920s