Visible Light

Helps You See The World By:Jackson Ezzell

Visible Light


1) Seeing Color: Visible Light reflects off an object and hits your eye.

2) Entertainment: Visible Light can entertain people in many ways; fireworks, light shows, rainbows.

3) Plant Life: Without Visible Light plant life wouldn't be possible. Plants "eat" the light, which makes them live. Humans would die if the plants die because they send out oxygen.

4) Measurement in Space: Visible Light is used to measure distance in space because of light years.

Wavelength Range: 380-750 (roughly, it varies depending on who you ask)

Frequency Range: 4x10 to the 14th power

Color Frequency Wavelength

violet 668–789 THz 380-450nm

blue 606–668 THz 450–495 nm

green 526–606 THz 495–570 nm

yellow 508–526 THz 570–590 nm

orange 484–508 THz 590–620 nm

red 400–484 THz 620–750 nm

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Video Describing Visible Light

In the video he states that visible light is everything we've seen, and ever will see. He says visible light is the medium of the Electromagnetic Waves.

Electromagnetic Waves: Visible Light


Vantablack is a substance made up of carbon nano tubes and is the blackest substance that exists. When light strikes this, it absorbs 99.965% of the radiation. The light becomes trapped and bounces around the carbon nano tubes. There are numerous uses of Vantablack. A couple of uses are it can reduce stray light from entering telescopes, and it can improve infrared cameras on Earth and in Space.

The relationship between Vantablack and Visible Light is that Vantablack absorbs almost all light that hits it. When light hits an object some is reflected(that's what makes color), well with Vantablack .035% of light is reflected.

The reason it is called Vantablack is because...

Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Arrays

Materials Involved:

-Nano Tubes

-Aluminum Foil (The Nano Tubes sit on the Aluminum Foil)

The impact that Vantablack has on the world is that it helps with technology and art. Vantablack can help with research in space. A man made a room using Vantablack, and he said that it was like going crazy. Since Vantablack helps with space, we will be able to find more things out there. There won't be any light entering the telescope so when you look through it you will be able to see farther and better.

Date of Discovery: The production was completed in December 2013.

Group Who Discovered Vantablack: Surrey Nanosystems

The World's Darkest Material: "Vantablack" (Material So Dark You Can't See It)

Video of Vantablack

In this video, a British male says that Vantablack absorbs 99.965% of light. There is a piece of crumpled aluminum foil, with a flat piece of Vantablack.


1) (Visible Light)

2) (Visible Light)

3) (Visible Light)

4) (Visible Light) (Vantablack)

5) (Visible Light) (Vantablack)


7) (Vantablack)