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Term 3, September 2015

ELES Study Skills Handbook

Cerdon has purchased a subscription to ELES Study Skills Handbook. It is available for students to use for the remainder of 2015 through to the end of 2016. This is a website that helps students improve their study skills. Coordinators may wish to implement various units in guidance lessons (or use it as a tool to FLIP guidance eg. ask students to complete/watch modules at home and then have discussions and address questions regarding the content in class). Or students can work through the modules at their own pace and on their own. Teachers may recommend particular units to students to help them build skills in particular areas eg. summarising notes. If you have parents asking for extra study skills support for their daughter this can be a resource that you recommend. An email will be sent to you with 2 videos explaining how to use Study Skills Handbook. The first video is for students, parents and teachers. The second video is specifically for teachers and explains how to track student participation and results.

The website address is

School username: cerdoncollege

School password: achieve

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Britannica Online

Students and teachers have access to this resource by logging in with their Student ID number (for staff this is your CEO Pin# preceded by 'S'). Over time Britannica adds enhancements to the online encyclopedia so it's worthwhile to spend a few moments browsing its latest features and content. For instance, the video and images content, from reputable sources, can be used by students in their assignments (and is easy for students to cite using the citation tool provided). The short video below highlights some of Britannica's features.

Let me know if you would like further information or a short demonstration with your class.

Britannica Online Encyclopedia

Sharing ClickView content + Google Classroom

You may have noticed in ClickView Online a feature to embed ClickView videos to your Google Classroom. There are 3 different ways you can easily share ClickView content with your classes via ClickView Online:

  1. copy and paste a link to the video OR
  2. copy and paste embed code to the video OR
  3. add the video to your Google Classroom (this is very simple to do by clicking on the GC icon - see below).
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Creating clips using ClickView Online

Another useful feature in ClickView Online is Create a clip. This allows you to create your own short clips for use with classes which you can then share using the methods described above. To create a clip:

  1. tick the box 'create a clip'
  2. a new menu will appear with a start time and end time
  3. enter the times you require
  4. then share the clip using your preferred method (ie link, embed or via GC).

If you would like help with any of these features available in ClickView Online please let me know.

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Copyright in a Digital World + Open Education Resources

This presentation contains up-to-date information regarding teachers' copyright obligations and the use of resources, in particular, digital and online resources. It also contains a wide range of Open Education Resources (OER) suggestions for use in classes.

SpineOut Aug-Sep issue

The Aug/Sep issue of the YA emagazine, SpineOut, is another great issue for students and teachers. Felicia Aung of Year 10 has had one of her poems published in this issue. If you have students who are budding writers or artists encourage them to to submit their work for publication. Students can see me for further details. Access the emagazine here.
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The Learning Exchange (LEX) Part 1

The Learning Exchange (LEX) at AKC provides access to a wide range of professional resources for teachers in the Parramatta Diocese. Each week LEX shares a Staff eBook and Print Book of the Week (the service is starting again after a break and a new staff member has joined the LEX team). This week the focus is Maths. Book suggestions below plus a link to a post about creating numeracy task with photos and a link to a blog post from LEX titled "Digital Discourse in Mathematics using the iPad".

The Learning Exchange (LEX) Part 2

A further selection of resources from LEX.

Curriculum Library PLUS

Some of the new titles available in Curriculum Library PLUS include:

  • Shedding Light on Atoms
  • Climate Change
  • Chasing the White Air
  • 4 Weeks 2 a Higher Food IQ
  • Child Development Careers
  • Energy Balance
  • Help! I'm Stressed!
  • Nutrient Basics
  • Prenatal and Early Childhood Nutrition
  • Recovering: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa
  • Sleepless Epidemic
  • Think Before You Drink
  • Video: Basic Camera Operation
  • Wardrobe Planning

New Journals in the library

Alana has updated the Google Slide presentation to share information about the latest journals available in the library for staff and students. The document includes an image of the front cover and the table of contents page for each journal so that you can easily browse to find articles of interest. (Recommended to view this on your iPad so that you can zoom into the Contents pages of interest). Access the Google Slide presentation here.

Finally, a few articles for general interest...

All the best for the remainder of Term 3.
Nancy Sylaprany


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