The Nervous System

by Jessica Martens

Diagram of the Nervous System

The nervous system helps the brain send instructions to the body so it can function. The diagram shows the main parts of the Nervous System.

Functions of the Nervous System

The main functions of the nervous system are, controlling the movement of the body parts by nerves from the brain, helping the body learn from experiences, and stores memories of things we encounter. The brain has a Cerebellum, Cerebrum and the Medulla Oblongata. The cerebellum controls balance and coordination. The cerebrum controls thinking and memories. The Medulla Oblongata controls involuntary action.

The spinal cord

The spinal cord is an organ in the Nervous System. The spinal cord is made out of nerve fibers, meninges, cerebrum spinal fluid, cervical, thoratic, lumbour, and sacral. The spinal cord connects a large part of the peripheral nervous system to the brain, and transports information and nerve pulses to the brain through sensory neurons. The nerves i helps sends is what makes our body move.


What are some diseases in the nervous system?

Diseases in thenerovus system include Multiple Sclerosis, epilepsy, Alzheimers, and Prakinsons disease. Epilepsy is what I focused on. It can be caused by many things including:

Low oxygen during birth

Head injuries

Genetic conditions in the brain

Infections (meningitis or encephalitis)


Abnormal sodium/blood sugar level

Epilepsy causes seizures. Seizures range from simply seizures, complex seizures, and partial seizures. You can treat epilepsy by maintaining your seizures. That includes:


Ketogien diet

Large Vitomen doses (melatonine or biofeedback)


Vagus nerve stimulation

Can you live without your Nervous System?

No, you cannot live without the Nervous System because the nervous system as well as the whole body is controlled by brain. The brain is what makes us unknowingly breathe and blink, so without it we would not know to breathe and die.


The nervous system interacts with other systems by connecting to the whole body. Its connected to the circulatory system because its transports nerves like the circulatory system transports air. Its connected to the Digestive system because our nerves are what make us unknowingly digest the food we consume. It connects to the Endocrine system because the Endocrine system uses the brain to control thing too (hormones).