Christmas in Guatemala

By: Arizbeth Vasquez

What holiday tradition does your country celebrate in December or at the beginning of the New Year

Guatemala plan to build a Nativity scene it called a Nacimcnto or Belen

Do they get gift?

No, Guatemala is very poor and some kids don't even get gift that is sad.

Are there special foods involved?

Yes, such as corn,rice,sweet potatoes or not sweet potatoes , olives,prunes,chicken and who can forget tamales

Describe in detail how they decorate?

Guatemalan Nativity Scenes they used a Sawdust dyed in much more bright color. In midnight there light up hundred fireworks or firecrackers to celebrate the birth of Jesus

Are there any other traditions?

Guatemala celebrates the birth of Jesus they use bright color(Sawdust dyed)

How do you say "Merry Christmas"in their language?

Feliz Navidad

Are there any other tradition?

The only tradition that I did not know was they use bright color and sometime people paint their faces

How do they celebrate the New Year?

Guatemalans celebrated with firework break open in the midnight sky the color in the sky look amazing and they have new cloths and decorated their face are rhythmic of tradition.

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