By: Karla Cruz Per.3

Photosynthesis equation

This is the equation for photosynthesis. 6 CO2, 6 H2O, sunlight and chlorophyll are taken in. The second part, C6H12O6 then turns into glucose , this is what plants eat. The last part, O2 or oxygen is then released, this is what we breathe.


Photosynthesis is the process in which plants make their own food. They use the sun's energy and carbon dioxide and create nutrients, glucose for themselves. in this process sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water are taken in. Oxygen is then released out for us to breathe.


This is the chlorophyll. It is a green pigment found in the chloroplast. Ever wonder what makes plants green? This is it, the chloroplast in a plant is what makes plants and trees around us green.


This is the sun. This keeps us and plants alive. Plants use the sun to make their own food. The sun provides radiant energy for the plant which then starts the process of photosynthesis. The sun helps us in many ways, for example the sun gives the plant sunlight, this starts photosynthesis, and then when the process starts the plants gives out oxygen that we breathe with.