The Australian Dingo

And it's Enviroment and Biome

The Austalian Dingo

First off the Dingo is a Australian wild dog with a debated ancestry from South Asia or originally Australia and are decedents of semi-domestic dogs. The Dingo is highly adaptable to any environment but chooses to live mostly in semi-arid biomes or environments. The Dingo is also a apex predator of it's environment surprisingly judging by it's size, which is, to the height of the shoulders 20-24 inches tall and from head to tail 46-61 inches in length. The Dingo commonly weighs about 60-77 pounds and males are typically larger than females. The adult Dingo commonly has short soft reddish brown or golden fur with a bushy tail, all depending on it's climate. They usually travel in packs up to ten but some have been known to travel alone, Dingoes prefer to hunt and eat small game but are also omnivores, what they commonly hunt and eat are; rabbits, rodents, birds, lizards, fruits, and plants. Female Dingoes breed about once a year and have about five pups which only become independent till about six months of age. Dingo's who travel in packs have a dominant female which is the only one allowed to breed, if any other female births pups the dominant female will kill those pups.

The Dingo's Environment and Biome

The Environment supports plant life like shrubs and scrubby vegetation. The semi-arid annual average temperature is about 20°C and gets about 2-4 cm of rain a year. It's climate is very similar to the hot and dry biome but not as hot, more rain, and more vegetation. Australia's latitude and longitude is 25.2744° S, and 133,7751° E, The Dingo's biome is semi-arid which is Australia
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