Middle School E.L.A Teacher

Haley Lindsey

Teaching as an teacher

what I do is I help students learn and the working conditions are Have a high level of job-related social interaction with students.,Often work indoors. May work outdoors to teach physical education or sports., Must be sure all work is done accurately. Errors could cause students to receive the wrong grades., Work regular school hours. Lunch, evening, or weekend hours may be required to supervise clubs and organization. I get paid about $40,590 - $48,410 per year I have to have a high school diploma or equivalent have at least a bachelor’s degree, complete an approved teacher, training program completes a student teacher internship, pass a state licensing exam.Five important skills are Speak clearly so listeners can understand., Understand written information.,Understand spoken information., Analyze ideas and use logic to determine their strengths and weaknesses., Notice when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong.The Recommended minded classes in high school are Child Development, Computer Applications, Keyboarding,Psychology,Public Speaking, Teacher Assisting
Day in the Life: Middle School Teacher