Casualties of War

by: Chris Lynch


My book began at a baseball diamond in the u.s...thee boy then headed over to the military to fight years later.The boy was sent to Vietnam.

Main Charachter

The boys name was Brian,had brown hair,tall,and brown eyes.He had a hard time in school so he joined the military. He didn't like hurting good people. The boy died in Vietnam.

rising action

1.Brian gets made fun of for being stupid so he joins thee military

2.south Vietnamese guy gets beaten by american officer even though he was innocent

3.on the way back gets flanked

4. gets out with a few men

5.Brian gets yelled at for losing some men

6.Brian gets shot


Brian gets shot in the back


Vietnam wins the war against America

N.F article

1.With no time to toss it away, Specialist Sloat of the Army, 20 at the time, closed his body around the grenade as it exploded.

2.Nearly a half-century later, Specialist Sloat’s spontaneous act of valor has earned him the nation’s highest honor. In a White House ceremony on Monday, President Obama presented the Medal of Honor to Dr. William Sloat, Specialist Sloat’s brother, and recounted the moment when the grenade, without its pin. (new york times)

3.“You served with valor and you made us proud,” Mr. Obama said to Sergeant Major Adkins and the other Vietnam veterans in the audience. “Your service is with us for eternity.”

shear, micheal D. new york times. N.p., 14 Sept. 2014. Web. 16 Jan. 2015.