By Caden Moore

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Hatchet Chapters 1-6

Thirteen year old Brian, the passenger on a plane from New York to the woods of Canada, gets on the plane ready to fly. After he has the experience of crashing, Brian returns to his thoughts of his parents divorce. Brian remembers the fights between his parents and how much he hates how the lawyers who attempt to cheerfully explain to him how the divorce will affect his life.
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Hatchet Chapters 7-13

Awakened in the middle of the night from a dream about his mother, Brian becomes ill from the many berries he has eaten the previous day. He has a flashback in which the image of his mother kissing the man with the short blond hair. Falling back asleep, Brian awakes in the morning, walks down to the lake, and he sees his reflection in the water. Finding his injuries and worn face, he gives in to his tears and cries. His stomach was aching with hunger, and he ate more of the red berries, this time making sure to avoid eating too many. In search of other food he comes to a raspberry patch, where he spots a bear and gets scared, but soon realizes that the bear does not try to hurt him.

Hatchet Chapters 14-19

In the start of this chapter all Brian can think about is food and how he cannot survive without it, he also thought about all the mistakes, mistakes that could somehow kill him.
Later that night when he was sleeping in the fort he was woke up by a skunk that was busy digging up the eggs in his shelter. He decides that to grab a handful of sand and throw it at the skunk all the while he is yelling at it. So the skunk sprays his face. And the skunk is eating the rest of the eggs. The next day Brian decides to build a better house that nothing could get into and to put a door on instead than just leave an open.
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