Colonial Jobs

Dylon, Joseph, Chase

What Is A Cobbler

A cobbler makes, fixes and sells shoes. In colonial times people walked more than people do today. So there was always work for the town cobbler.

What does the hatter do?

The hatter made hats from beaver skin. The colonial people wore hats all time because they were outside more for farming and their jobs.

What was the blacksmith?

In every colonial town there was always a blacksmith. A blacksmith makes iron shoes for horses and oxen.

What was the pewterer?

The Pewterer made spoons from pewter for colonists to use.

What Does the miller do?

The miller ground corn and wheat into cornmeal for the colonists.

What does the wheelwright do?

The wheelwright makes spinning wheels, weapons, and carts.

What was the tailor?

The tailor makes clothes for the families in the cities.

What was the whitesmith?

The whitesmith made tin candle holders, foot warmers, and most times fixing old tin.

What was the tanner?

The tanner made leather breeches, aprons,caps and boots.

What was the silversmith?

The silversmith made silver spoons,plates and cups for the colonists.

What did the cabinetmaker?

Most people made their own furniture. In the big towns cabinet makers would make furniture for the people who were rich.

What does the clockmaker do?

The clockmaker made the inside of the clocks.

What did the Cooper do?

The cooper made barrels and buckets. These were very important because they could carry water to drink, wash, bath, cook, and help feed the with crops.

What did the barber do?

The barber would cut hair, make wigs, and sometimes was the doctor for the town.

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