Asian Carp

An invasive fish species.

The Problem

Asian Carp, an invasive fish species were brought from China, to keep ponds clean and control parasite hosting snails. Eventually these Asian Carp escaped due to flooding and entered the Mississippi river system destroying ecosystem after ecosystem. If they get to the Great Lakes where they are headed they will cause damage to fisheries and sport businesses in the Great Lakes.

The Solutions

There are many solutions below will be the two biggest solutions and I will explain the other smaller one. For example one idea to make a permanent barrier in the Chicago Canal was suggested but then rejected because the damage of no trade would outweigh the damage done by the carp.

Underwater Barriers

Three underwater barriers were installed by the Army Corps of Engineering right by the Chicago Sanitary and Ship canal. These barriers work much like electrical dog fences they repel Asian Carp from reaching the Great Lakes.


For this you dangle two cables in the water from inside of a skiff and send electricity down in to the water. The fish go flying and men on the boat catch the carp with nets and then the job is done.

Asian Carp are guaranteed to ruin the Great Lakes.