How to beat the CRAVINGS and win!

Brought to you by The American Health Coach

What do you suppose is the main reason that people gain weight and end up with a body they don’t want?

The answer: their food choices! It’s not overeating, not calories or even the lack of activity. Now, these do play a role but, they are not the main reason. The foods we eat, in large part, dictate the foods we want to eat and the foods we crave. High carbohydrate diets cause you to crave carbs. This is why we have self-professed chocoholics. It is hard to eat the right food when you are constantly fighting powerful biological cravings. It becomes a battle of will power and eventually you will be to tired and broken down to fight.

There are countless diets and misinformation with regard to weight loss and fitness. There are things you have learned, concepts and beliefs that are preventing you from reaching your goals. These same concepts and beliefs are the reasons why you may have failed in the past. Losing weight and getting healthy isn’t about counting calories, gyms, trainers, exercise, avoiding fats or starving. It is about learning which foods help you to feel full, which foods burn more calories, increase your metabolism, and which ones shut off the fat storage. It’s about learning the simple tricks that will promote lasting health and happiness.

So how do we beat the cravings and win back our healthy beautiful bodies?

For starters, stop the calorie counting madness. Stop the diet and exercise roller coaster and stop worrying. We are going to show you exactly what to do, what to eat, and when to eat it.

Foods to avoid:

· Breads/cereals (white, wheat, even whole grain)

· Sweetened drinks (orange juice, apple juice, etc)

· Soda and Diet soda

· Sugar (candy, chocolate, etc)

· Potatoes (baked, fried, mashed)

· White rice

Healthy carbohydrate foods to eat:

· Sprouted grain breads, spelt breads (in moderation)

· Quinoa (this is a fantastic rice substitute super food)

· Baked Sweet Potato

· Vegetables

· Fruits, berries

The Magic of Blood Sugar Stabalization

By stabilizing your blood sugar levels with more frequent - portioned - balanced meals, allows your body to release and burn stored body fat, while protecting lean muscle mass and igniting your metabolism.

By eliminating or greatly reducing high carbohydrate foods from our diets we will effectively shut off cravings, burn more fat, and increase energy. The chart below illustrates the process.