MIS Monday Message

February 1 - 5

Fabulous February

It's hard to believe that tomorrow will be the first day of February. This school year is more than halfway over, and we still have so much to do! As always I'm reflecting on what we've accomplished so far, and it's pretty amazing. One of the things we've been doing in the Leadership meetings this year is to start every meeting with celebrations. I'm always amazed at the gains our students are making and it's important for us to celebrate each gain. In order to celebrate our gains, Fridays in February will be Fabulous! I have special things planned for each Friday, so get be watching for some fun!

We have a faculty meeting this week and we will be continuing our work on building a shared vision for MIS. We will also be looking at our MAP data and celebrating the growth our students have made since the start of the year.

I came across a neat blog set up by a team of teachers that I'd like to share. I've linked their post on Genius Hour, but they also have other great ideas that you might find interesting. If you find a great blog that you'd like to share, please email it to me! Also, I've loved discussing in PGP meetings the ways you are connecting with other educators via Twitter and chats. Don't forget to share these ideas with your team!

A few other things for this week:

  • RtI meetings will be held on Tuesday - Thursday according to the schedule I emailed out Friday.
  • The UAM Jazz Band will be here on Wednesday to perform for our 4th grade students. This is provided free of charge from the SEARK Concert Association. The 5th grade students will have a Brass Quartet coming on Feb. 25th as part of this program, and our 3rd grade students will go to UAM to see The Wizard of Oz on March 1st. I know many of you have asked about us taking all grades to see The Wizard of Oz, but the SEARK Concert Association has designated if for all 3rd graders in our region. If there are extra seats we may have a chance to go, but I wouldn't count on it. I'm trying! :)
  • Partner teacher meetings will take place this week on regular team meeting days.

Let's make it a great week at MIS!

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Freezin' for a Reason!

It's time for the Polar Plunge! This is a fundraiser to help raise money for Special Olympics in our region. We have many students who benefit from the programs they are able to do and this is a great cause!

We will have a few fundraisers going on to raise money for this cause, and there's even a little friendly competition between campuses going on. Mrs. Holaway has challenged all the Monticello administrators to see who can raise the most money. Blake and I have already committed to plunge, but we need your help!

If you'd like to plunge with us or donate, please let us know!


Monday, 2/1

  • Fire drill (unannounced)
  • RtI - teachers meet with partners in one room; other partner covered

Tuesday, 2/2

  • RtI meetings, 3rd grade, 7:50 - 9:30

Wednesday, 2/3

  • RtI meetings, 4th grade, 7:50 - 9:30
  • 8:30, UAM Jazz Band visits 4th grade, MIS cafeteria
  • Faculty meeting, 3:20, MIS Library

Thursday, 2/3

  • RtI meetings, 5th grade, 7:50 - 9:10
  • Grades cut off for progress reports

Friday, 2/4

  • Leadership Meeting, 7:50 am
  • RtI planning time in rooms
  • Grades uploaded by noon


  • Feb. 6 - Daddy/Daughter Dance @ MIS
  • Feb. 9 - Progress reports go home
  • Feb. 12 - Valentine parties, 2pm
  • Feb. 15 - No school
  • Feb. 19 - Donuts for Dads
  • Feb. 26 - Fourth grade field trip to STEM festival in Little Rock
  • Feb. 27 - Polar Plunge