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I would like to commend you on supporting our district focus and school goals. Thank you for making sure instruction is at its best daily. We are excited to see growth. Now it its time for our students to shine on upcoming assessments.


  • April 25-May 6, 2016


Madison County School's STAR address:https://hosted80.renlearn.com/76725

Please see Mrs. McDow to schedule your Spring screening test dates.

Testing Windows (Dates):

April 18-May 6, 2016- We will begin April 25 because of ACT Aspire

ACT ASPIRE- April 12-18

Testing Meeting- April 4, 2016 at 3:00- Art Room

Tuesday- Reading

Wednesday- Math

Thursday- Science

Monday- English/Writing

10 Top Things to do after Standardized Testing

10. TEACH- Continue to teach the standards. You may not have taught all the standards in depth. Go back and revisit standards for mastery.

9. Writing- Students need to know how to write informational, prose and poetry. Make a poetry folder or writing portfolio.

8. Photography- Give your students a topic and allow students to capture that topic. Make Scrapbook using photographs and include journal entries.

7. Math Connections on Steroids- Give students a number and a poster and have them extend your math connections lesson.

6. Science Experiments- Now is the time to delve deeper into those science concepts. Plan a grade level science fair.

5. Compare a novel and movie. Host a book theme party. Who wouldn't want to have a chocolate fountain at the culmination of reading, Chocolate Touch?

4. Art- Give the students drawing tutorials or art lessons. Create an Art Gallery.

3. Reading Buddies- Partner with another teacher and allow students to read and grow together.

2. Music- Play music for your students. Do a genre or composer study.

1. Cooking- Make a special treat or snack related to a topic of study

Learning Moments

Harvest Helping the Community

Special thanks to Mrs. Vandiver and Kids for Change for leading our students to help House of Harvest. Students and teachers raised $1,100 to support this outreach effort. Mrs. Vandiver is a jewel!

Just a Few More Days...

PST Information


Please continue to provide intervention and progress PST students. Collect documentation in the folders. Students who have been referred for testing still need intervention until an eligibility decision has been made. I will collect all SIPADS in May. We will also have our final date meeting in May.